Japanese Commercials for Sunday June 5th released

Commercial pack includes a junction and a short OniTaijin clip!

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I had an AI generated an image for "Kamen Rider Kiss"

This was using the DALL·E mini.

I like that the middle one is the Spider-man kiss. The upper right looks like Ryuki and Knight. The upper left looks like Zero-One. It's just interesting in general what an AI thinks a proper Kamen Rider looks like

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Does anyone want to time for us?

We could definitely use another timer. The job entails timing either a blank script or a script of captions to prep it for being filled in with a translation later. Knowing Japanese helps, but it's not required. If you're interested, pm me at takenoko on the forums.

Japanese Commercials for Sunday May 22nd released

Happy birthday Kohaku Shida!

Sorry, kind of behind this week. Haven't even seen Revice! But the thread is up if you want to participate in the conversation!

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Actor Watanabe Hiroyuki passes away at 66

Actor Watanabe Hiroyuki passed away at his home on May 3rd. He played toku roles like Kouga's dad in Garo, or Kamen Rider Gaoh in Den-O. I think his last major toku role was reprising Taiga in 2019's Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito-

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