Where is Sabi?

So here's something that Luna noticed. In the captions that air with Gotchard on TV-Asahi, the Sabi part of Sabimaru is always missing.

This is how it's supposed to look. First two kanji are his family name Tsuruhara. And then last two are for his given name, Sabimaru

But here's how the captions present his name:

The very first instance even. You can see that his name has gone from 4 kanji to 3. And whenever it's just Sabimaru or Sabimaru-sempai, it's all become Maru and Maru-sempai

Sabi 錆
I mean, it's a pretty complicated kanji. Maybe it has trouble displaying or it's an encoding issue? Could this be some sort of shorthand on the captioners part? Is it possible that the person who does the caption just made the mistake through this whole show? Seems like someone would have caught it at this point. I dunno. It's weird, what do you guys think is going on?

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