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Ultraman Dyna pulled off from the tracker!

Seems that the Ultraman franchise is expanding more and more worldwide not only the US releases from Mill Creek. And that is why for me, we don't do more of our Ultraman fansubs in this group anymore (not even Ultraman Z, and Trigger).

With only commercials and extras left, we pulled off our releases of Ultraman Dyna episodes, movie and the Return of Hanejiro from the tracker.

And as always, support the official releases from Mill Creek!

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Ultraman Dyna is getting licensed by Mill Creek

While I can feel the Ultraman US releases are expanding, it's a shame Mill Creek is releasing Tiga, Dyna and Gaia in freakin' DVD collections unlike other Showa Ultraman series.

Edit: When it comes to upscaling stuff, I think Mill Creek has some reasons for releasing DVD collections so I take back what I state above.

Anyway, we will be pulling off our Dyna releases soon after more than two years of completion, so take your time to download the batch torrent on our tracker.

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Ultraman Dyna Rating Poll

With Hanejiro Returns, this concludes our release of the whole series, Ultraman Dyna in Blu-ray quality. I'd like to thank our TV series translator: xiiliea, movie translator: zeta_gundam, and the QC team who helped us in subbing the series.

The question is, what do you think of this series? I made a rating poll in the link below to rate and/or post your opinion:

Rating Poll

Ultraman Dyna 42-51 Released!

And Dyna saves the day!

PS: Hanejiro movie will come later.

(Update: Released a v2 to fix a mistake in 49-51 extras)

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Ultraman Dyna 32-36 Released!

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Seven batches up! Three to go!

Ultraman Dyna 21-26 Released!

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We're halfway done with the series.

Need help with Ultraman Dyna


Do we have any Dyna fans here? We've basically got the whole series translated, but we need people to look it over and make sure it passes quality checks. If you're interested in helping, send me a PM on the forums.

It's basically all done and watchable, but we want people to look it over to give us feedback.

Ultraman Dyna 1-5 Released!

Thanks to xiiliea for TL and DaVinci030 for the blu-ray.

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