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Megaupload 2?

Megaupload Stuff

Hey, does anyone want to try adding our files to the new Megaupload incarnation?

When you've done that, put the link in the Submit Links forum. And let us know how it's working out for you somewhere. Feedback forum?

Images on Wiki Stuff

By the way, it'd be really great if we had more people adding pictures to our wiki. I know the new Requeset Account feature seems really dumb, so feel free to make up stuff for the part where it asks for your real name. For the biography section, just write down something to prove you're not a spam bot. (I think it requires a lot of words so feel free to copy and paste it a few times)

Remember a wiki is made by a community. Not just one, two, or three people!

If you need help, e-mail me or ask a question on the forums 

Take a look and see what we've got going so far. Wiki Image Galleries

(Note, you can always edit the text without logging in. So if you see a fix, you should mistake it.)

RSS Feeds / Tracker Stuff

Thank Q, because we've got RSS feeds again for the tracker:

Let us know if it's working okay.

Capture Stuff

We just replaced our tuner. Hopefully this week we'll be able to capture the video as it airs. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how hard it is to do this work if we're tripping up the very first step in the process.

Do we have a programmer in the house?

So I guess we're having trouble installing the drivers to the new machine. Maybe because it's 64bit Windows 8 and before it was just Windows XP? The name of the driver is BonDriver and this is the error message that it spits out. It basically says it can't activate the hardware:

BonDriver にチューナを開くよう要求しましたがエラーが返されました。

Also, does anyone here know HTML or wiki format? I'm trying to format a menu for the top of the series pages for the wiki, but I'm running into some difficulty.

I talk about it in this thread here:


Pictures for our forums?

So I'm thinking of putting pictures in subforums. Just to give our forums a little color. It's not like vampires and goths are our main theme.

The Go-Busters forum for example.

If you want to suggest a picture, just put it in our splash pic thread or e-mail me.

I don't have any conditions at this point. Just don't make it too big. If it's not obvious where the pic should go, you should tell me that too. Thanks!


2012 in reflection

So how was 2012 for #TV-Nihon? Our biggest change, I think, was the addition of our wiki. I really like it as an information tool that we use when we work on our projects.

Akibarangers was a nice surprise for Sentai fans. We finished off Makai Senki from last year and started up Go-Busters and Wizard. All series that have been pretty fun to work on.

And of course, between all that is the backburner stuff, DVD and Blu-ray rereleases. Looks like we only finished off DaiRanger. Hopefully we can wrap up some of the other stuff next year.

Started the year off at 2844 releases and ended it with 3100. Not too bad.

Oh yeah, today I added the wiki links to all the series sub forums. If you guys can think of any other info that would be good for going there, let me know.


Seeds, we need seeds

Q added a link on the bottom that shows which torrents are unseeded. This is pretty useful.

Going along the lines of the seedbox thing, would the community be interested in picking up some seedboxes to keep such torrents from going dead?



I guess it's a service that helps keeps torrents seeded? Does anyone know anything about this? This might be useful for our older releases that frequently run out of seeds.


Kanon 20 released

I'm currently reuploading Super Hero Taisen, so if you've had audio problems, a version 2 is coming out. Till then, savvy forum user Venares has written a bat program to convert the surround sound track to stereo, which should help with the compatibility.

By the way, why do you think Toei movies are as bad as they are? Contribute to this thread!

And if you haven't noticed, is the new url for our wiki. There's no excuse to forget it now!

Kanon 20

Thread / Wiki

Spammer update

Quick update on the spammer situation. We've pretty much gotten the flow of spam accounts down to a weak trickle, but takenoko and I have been banning large swaths of Russian IPs left and right so if you're in Russia you might have to email one of the admins to unban whatever ip address you're using.


Also I've been pretty agressive about deleting any suspicious new account that comes in, so if I accidentally delete yours and you're not a spammer, sorry! Please make a new one and add something to your profile. I'm less likely to delete accounts with some profile information filled in.


So last night we were hit by a rash of spammers. Looking over the accounts, we decided to just delete all the accounts that never made a post. (4447 accounts in total). Sorry to our actual silent lurkers out there, but you'll have to reregister!

List of deleted accounts:

Edit: Link should be public now if it wasn't before. Sorry about that!


Streaming to your Device

So I tested out PS3 Media Server, and it's pretty good. It plays the files that TVserity couldn't, it's free, plus I like the way they structure their files better. Plus, despite its name, you can use it for various devices besides the PS3.

So check it out:


TLDR version of previous post

Previously I was copying the files onto flash drives, sticking them in my PS3 to play the videos.

With the current setup, I'm just using the program to stream the videos using the computer's wifi to the console.

Using Tversity to stream to a PS3

So I might be a bit behind on this, but I finally bit the bullet and turned my PC into a media server. It was all pretty simple actually. Just got the software from TVersity (had a license fee of 4 bucks, pretty cheap), turned on the wifi on my pc and that was pretty much it. Turned on my PS3 and the media server was in the Video section.

Before, I was putting the files on flashdrives with FAT32 file systems on them. It was alright, but this way will save me a step. I tried a few of our releases as well as some stuff from Youtube, and it looked pretty nice (Even the SD stuff, surprisingly enough).

Unfortunately, there's still a problem with pre-2009 xvid encodes which simply won't play at all in this method.

Anyway, just thought I'd blog about it to let people that they always have options when playing back our files.

Playback thread

Server Donations Part 2

Due to an overwhelming response ($600+ USD donated in about 3 hours), we have taken down the donation links while we get everything sorted out.

Thank you for the response and kindness!


Server Donations

It's that time of year again.  We need to pay for our server.  The goal this year is $500 USD.  The donation button is on both the front page and the torrent tracker.

Thank you to both the future and past donors for your kindness.

-The Server Administration Team℠


Oh my, this is different

I guess this is our new front page.

So what do you think?


Photobucket working (maybe all along)

So I tried the upload button from within a certain album on my account and it worked! Whenever I tried using the upload button from the main page, it took me to a site maintenance page. That's so dumb.

Anyway, pictures have been added to all the posts since Fourze 46.


Server maintenance cancelled

Postponed for another day.


Server Downtime Scheduled

The server will be going down for an upgrade Tuesday, August 14 at 10:00 PM PDT.  The upgrade is expected to take one to two hours.


The Tracker has categories now

Your requests have been answered!



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