Ultraman R/B

Ultraman R/B Unlicensed Batch released!

Just pulled off our releases from the tracker.

CMs, deleted scenes and countdowns (from the movie) are all what's left in one single batch.


Ultraman R/B licensed by Mill Creek

Mill Creek is at it again.

Seems that the whole batches are up for a month now. And we'll pull it's releases off once it's nearly released. It's three months from now.

Yet again, please support the official releases.

If you're outside of North America, you still have a chance to download and seed our batch of releases. Once it's pulled out, it will be gone.

Ultraman R/B HD1080/SD Series Batches released

Minor changes in batch:

  • v2 for R/B 16 for typesetting
  • Added CRC to the file names for the Countdown Messages

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R/B Silhouette Screens

Ultraman R/B HD720 Batch released!

Instead of the movie, I'm releasing the entire batch of Ultraman R/B in HD720 format. (Also 16 v2 for typeset change @ 16:36. Thanks to Xirix for pointing it out.)

And with the series complete, I made a ratings poll for it.

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Ultraman R/B Movie and bonus material released

And series complete? To wrap things up we've included for bonus content:

  • Ultraman R/B Movie Deleted Scenes
  • Ultraman R/B 25 CM
  • Toy CMs
  • Countdown Messages

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For those of you putting your lives on the line to protest, please stay safe!

Ultraman R/B 25 released

Saving the CM for the movie, which we should release soonish!

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party: Channel / Discord

Ultraman R/B 24 released


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Ultraman R/B Title Screen Appreciation

Really like the art used for these. These are the silhouettes that appear right before the episode title is layered on top of them, and I think the art is pretty good?!

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Ultraman R/B 23 released

It's Ultraman!

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Ultraman R/B 15 released

That would make for a huge buckle for a henshin belt.

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Ultraman R/B 14 released

"I <3 Ayaka City"

Would you wear any of the shirts from the Quattro M shop?

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Ultraman R/B 13 released

Enjoy Aizen with some facial hair!

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Ultraman R/B 12 released

And now the real reason you're here...

Aizen Makoto. Bear witness to his manic energy and scene chewing as he torments the wonder twins.

Mitsurugi Saki, she's a mysterious girl

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