chousoku para hero gandd

Chousoku Para Hero GandD 1-3 batches released


Did a v2 for episode 3 to remove a stray typo. Also, no 1080 version for episode 3

Edit: Crap, forgot to do the crc. Anyway, those are the correct CRC above if you want to check the stability of your download.

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Chousoku Para Hero GandD 03HD720 released and 02HD720 fixed

Credits to SVNBob for catching this. The reason 3 wasn't uploading was because episode 2 HD720 was actually episode 3 HD720. So those are fixed now!

Chousoku Para Hero GandD 03 released

Sooooo... issues. First, the broadcast raw for GandD isn't really usable, since it happened during some disaster. So it had emergency messaging in the borders, and the borders would grow and shrink during the broadcast.

We were able to grab an internet copy, but it's only 720p.

But for some reason the tracker isn't taking my upload of it. So let's see how long this Dropbox link works. If you want the SD version, it still works on the tracker.

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Chousoku Para Hero GandD 01 released

A toku/drama hybrid starring Zi-O and the lady from Tokusatsu GAGAGA!

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