Cover Your Man Hole (with a T-shirt)!

I've been intrigued by Japanese manhole covers since that one episode of Garo, and it looks like I'm not the only one. Japan has some of the most colorful, most intriguing covers for their manholes (no way to say that without sounding perverted, is there?) that you can imagine. So here's your chance to get a little bit of that beauty (and weirdness) for yourself for a pretty reasonable price. These guys are collaborating with regional governments to bring you the best of the best of manholes, so give their kickstarter a look and share!

Check it out here!

Otakon 2013 Kyouryuuger Samba

Forum member Conan Edogawa brought this to our attention after he participated in it

Maybe this will appear in a future Kyouryuuger ending? Who knows?!

Forum thread here



Our new mascots!

We here at #TV-Nihon have had a strict no-spoiler policy for quite a long while, so it only seems reasonable to try and make people more aware of the mods' itchy ban-hammer hands. Thus we unveil our brand new mascots!


(Only fooling. Lovingly stolen from John Huertas of TV show Castle fame's Twitter.)


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