Happy Birthday!

So our list is a bit better. There's roles and stuff, names are bolded to make them easier to see, and people with the same birth dates are grouped together to see who share birthdays.

And I see that it's Kitagawa Keiko's birthday, who's now 26. Happy birthday!

But our list isn't complete, so if you have a favorite actor or actress, do add him or her to the list!


Who's got the fastest bike?

Click to make big, of course.


Yup, it's a calendar list with birthdays from most of the people on our wiki. Some might have been left out if their pages were created before our standardized birthday template. Anyway, it'd really help if someone added roles to that list so that it's more obvious who did what.

We could also use more actors and their birthdays added, since obviously our wiki has yet to cover everyone and everything.

For now, check out who's got their birthdays for this month:

Anyone have copies of Super Hero Max around?

So I normally don't ask for raw videos, but this is something I tend to have trouble procuring. Does anyone have any videos of the Super Hero Max (Navi) that come out every year? They're normally hosted by the previous year's Sentai girls. It'd be really helpful if someone could record this years, which has Ahim and Luka from Gokaiger.

Schedule of airings:


Past year episodes would be good too:

    2005 Kinoshita Ayumi, Kikuchi Mika (Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger)
    2006 Beppu Ayumi, Kai Asami (Mahou Sentai MagiRanger)
    2007 Yamasaki Mami (Kaze no Shizuka), Drunk Dragon (GoGo Sentai Boukenger)
    2008 Fukui Mina, Hirata Yuka (Mele) JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger}
    2009 Aizawa Rina, Sugimoto Yumi (Engine Sentai Go-Onger}
    2010 Takanashi Rin, Morita Suzuka (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
    2011 Niwa Mikiho (Tensou Sentai Goseiger), Haga Yuria (555, Kiva), Maeda Yuki (TV-Asahi Announcer)
    2012 Ichimichi Mao, Koike Yui (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)

Space! Wanna go to space!

So chances are that you're probably too dumb to go to space school (or not crazy enough to solve Gamou's secret riddle). What do you do?!

That's where Space Engine comes in. I was listening to the Idle Thumbs Video Game Podcast and they mentioned this program. Apparently some guy took a bunch of data on known planets and stars and stuff and then filled in the gaps and created a simulator out of it. Zoom from planet to planet and star to star!

Photobucket working (maybe all along)

So I tried the upload button from within a certain album on my account and it worked! Whenever I tried using the upload button from the main page, it took me to a site maintenance page. That's so dumb.

Anyway, pictures have been added to all the posts since Fourze 46.


Go-Buster 25 released

Have you ever noticed that it's not enough to show people in pajamas, they also carry around a pillow with them? When would you ever need to bring your pillow with you somewhere? I was watching an LP of Catherine last week and the naked guy also had a pillow with him. Better bring that pillow, who knows where you'll end up sleeping.

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If you have Hikari Saga 2, compare the voices!

Super Sentai World Released


From Blu-Ray disc for HD quality.

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Time for a revival in IRC file trading?

So with the trouble going on with direct downloads, maybe now is a good time to get back to basics and start trading files again over IRC?

I wrote a simplified guide for dealing with IRC here:

If we could get more people hosting fserves, that'd be great. IRC can be really good for community building. You're in a social environment, you can talk to people with similar interests in real time. And the whole concept of serving is based on a give and take system which I find really appealing.

Hikari Saga 2 released

I'm told this comes next in the chronology.

Hikari Saga 2

Trivia: The voice actor for Ultraman Hikari does the monster of the week's voice in Go-Buster this week. So look forward to that.

Server maintenance cancelled

Postponed for another day.


Agito 20 releaed

Whelp, that's another disc down.

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Server Downtime Scheduled

The server will be going down for an upgrade Tuesday, August 14 at 10:00 PM PDT.  The upgrade is expected to take one to two hours.


The Tracker has categories now

Your requests have been answered!


The modern day fable continues: Kanon 15 released

Guest star Watanabe Ikkei plays Kanon's dad, Misaki Baroku. His name is a reference to Baroque music. A famous example of this is Pachelbel's Canon.

By the way, if you've seen Keitai Sousakan 7, you probably will recognize this guy.

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