10th anniversary release: Kamen Rider Wizard 08


Kamen Rider Wizard 08 released!

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Speaking of Chou Climax Heroes...

Uchiyama Masato
We've got Kageyama back voicing TheBee...

Amano Kousei
Amano Kousei back voicing, of course, Garren. Nice hat.

Kiriyama Ren

And Kiriyama voicing W.

Speaking of Ryuki


Look at how mature he looks now.

#TV-Nihon is 10 years old today.

Good job, everyone!

And what an amazing 10 years it has been. I remember how #TV-Nihon was started. Before torrents, IRC Chat was one of the best way to get fansubs. Anime was always pretty big, but there were a few channels devoted to Japanese drama and of course, I was in #Tokusatsu to get my fix of this obscure show, Dragon Knight Kamen Rider Ryuki.

I came in one day and found out that I had been kicked from the channel. "That's weird," I thought. And I either messaged ^Drax^ or he messaged me, and I found out that Kingranger and some other guys had moved the channel over to #TV-Nihon. Well, I still wanted to see Ryuki so I came along with the move. A little while later Shadowhunter started subbing Faiz and I started working on Machine Robo Rescue.

Our real big break was when we picked up the live Sailor Moon TV series. That got us a lot of attention from both an anime and toku crowd. It really was great for introducing anime fans to live people dressing up and fighting in special effects shows.

So good work to all the current staff. It's not always easy to do the work that we do, but we do it because, as fans, we do it because we have to. And a toast to all past members who are no longer with us. We couldn't have made it this far without you. And finally, thank you to all the fans. Like any community, we're nothing without you. I mean that sincerely. Fans are always helping us in so many inscrutable ways. They're the ones who create most of the splash pictures at the start of the videos, they help us build our wiki, visit our forums and facebooks, etc.

Since we were born on IRC, feel free to stop by and say "hi" using in-browser mibbit chat.

Or stop by our forum thread.

TimeRanger 10 released


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Don't forget tomorrow's our 10th anniversary! For it, we're shutting down.



Just kidding! But we really don't have anything planned, so it'll just be a quiet day of celebration.

TimeRanger 08 released


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Go-Busters 34 released

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The MagiRangers are back together again!

Shonen King writes something about KR Black's 25th anniversary


Also, sato307 created some really nice graphs of the TV ratings for Decade to Fourze. Check them out, and more details in the thread:


Role of Parents in Modern Society?

So a lot of you know that I work in a library, so these kind of stories really scratch that special interest itch when I see them. Basically, an uncle finds out his 10 year old niece checked out a yaoi manga that had gay sex in it. Sorta shocking, sure.

What amuses me is that the guy isn't even the girl's father. Maybe the parents are totally cool with this. I mean, it's not necessarily the uncle's place to raise his niece in place of the parents.

But let's ignore that. Let's suppose this guy was her father and he wasn't okay with this. It does strike me as weird that he would consider it the library's duty to decide what is okay and not okay for his daughter. That's not how libraries work. We can't throw out Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey just because you find it unfit for your kid's reading consumption.

TLDR: There's no substitution for the parent. It's the parent's job to decide what is okay for their kids to see on TV, on the Internet, or in their books. Either be an active parent in your kid's life, or don't complain when society and the media raise the kid for you.

From the Kotaku article:
"What also sickens me is that people are going to the library to read this kind of content?" added De Nevers. "An anime comic book section is where people go to read porn? Around kids? There is no good coming from this being in our library."

This quote bothers me because it's pretty judgmental. A lot of people like different things. That doesn't mean their deviants or whatever. Besides, people who read the articles know the manga in particular was shelved in the adult section. So while I'm sure the "Won't somebody please think of the children?!" will stir up some attention, it's sort of unfounded sensationalist shit.

I mean, who was with the girl? They said they dropped off the girl at the library. Was she by herself? 10 years old is almost teenage age, but that's still too young for a kid to be alone in a public place by themself. What's the law say about this? Who was watching over the girl and making sure she picked up materials acceptable in her household? The real problem here sounds like there's a lack of parental oversight in this household. The uncle and grandmother are mentioned, but there's nothing about the parents.


TimeRanger 06 released

With anime Yuuri and Tatsuya.

TimeRanger 06:
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Super Hero Max 2012

I guess this is lost to the ages. So if we had footage of Super Hero Max 2012, this is probably what it would have looked like.

Mega Max DC Kitaaaa!


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10 days till our Tenth Anniversary, and we have nothing planned. We're probably just going to power through our back burner stuff and release that.

Go-Busters delayed at least another day

Sorry about that, it really can't be helped. Our typesetter is working really long days for an important project at work. Please take this picture of the Go-Busters' actors training to do their stunts as some compensation:


More numbers

So yesterdayish I said that there was a major dip in Shinkenger episode 44. Someone on the forums pointed out that kids tend to be visiting temples on New Year's weekend. So I looked at the numbers for other series, and yup, series that air an episode on that weekend tended to be really low. (That probably explains why they skip broadcasting on those days or tend to make those episodes throwaway ones.)

That's what I love about finding out new stuff like that. One new fact can totally change how you perceive something. I genuinely think that the more you know, the more closer you come to seeing the world for how it really is.


So have a picture of Optimus Prime with a billion guns across his chest.

Wizard 6 released


Hell yeah, the Sazer-X trinity is complete! After years of his co-stars popping up in Kamen Rider and Sentai, we finally have Lio-Sazer back.

Oh hey there, Airi.

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Speaking of Mahoutsukai, how about that MagiPink? Just posting pictures of stuff I scanned last night from my magazines.

Numbers and stuff

So I've been adding the viewer numbers to the chronology category for the different series. Sometimes, an interesting thing is revealed. But in practical terms, it mostly means being disappointed in Japanese children.

Now before I get into this, I feel like it's important to remind people that a higher viewership doesn't mean that the show is better. All it really means is that for that time slot, this many people watched this show compared to other shows occurring at the same time.

(There's a summary of the viewer numbers at the bottom showing average, highest viewed episode, and lowest viewed episode)


  • Goseiger had more viewers than Gokaiger. Bizarre right? 5.4% average for Goseiger while Gokaiger had just 5%.
  • Shinkenger's lowest episode was 44, the one where they had that awesome reveal. What? Kids don't know from good, clearly.
  • W's lowest episode was the second part of the two parter, after that long winter break with the movie inbetween. Just because you do a two-parter, doesn't mean people will tune in to see how it turns out, apparently.





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