Who likes Garo? I think you do! 4-5 released together

I mean, you're going to download both of them, so why don't I save you the trouble right? But man, I can't wait till we're all caught up.

Garo 4: Thread / Wiki

Garo 5: Thread / Wiki

Kyouryuuger 10 released

Thread / Wiki

So we're slowly getting caught up. We've pretty much got everything going except for Akiba 4 which is still missing. But yeah, two Riders and two Garo's in QC.

Mr. Green sung live released


This is one of my favorite toku-related songs of all time. MagiRanger the best! Mr. Green, you are indeed my hero.

Torrents might be slow at the moment

Right after release, our seeder lost connection. So torrents may be slow and seeders sparse as we handle this on a more hands-on manual style

You got Kamen Rider in my magical girl anime!

I notice a lot of contributions have been given to this wiki article that lists Rider references in this anime. I don't know anything about the anime/manga, but it's pretty cool to see that the author is a big Rider fan:!_...

Kyouryuuger 09 released

I'm watching you, sleeping bag...

Thread / Wiki

Akiba Tsuu 02 released

Try using our Outrageous Power!

Thread / Wiki

Defining Robo Names

I'm thinking about writing an article for the wiki that describes the parts of the robo names. Like Go-Buster Oh, I'd explain the Oh means King for example. Since a lot of names are made with kanji, their meanings would be super obvious to a native Japanese person, but maybe not so obvious to other people.

So I'll try to hit the big ones, but if you have any names that you want to request, do so in this thread.


Wizard 31 released

Whoa, careful there, Beast. Getting a little hyper there!

Thread / Wiki

The Last Unicorn

Posted some pics and wrote up some anecdotes from the movie screening and author event on Saturday.

Apparently the screenings will continue around the country (and hopefully Japan). Try to catch it in theaters while you can!

Pics and anecdotes:



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