MLP Reviewer Silver-Quill turns into a Kyouryuuger

It happens about two minutes into the video. Check it out if you like My Little Pony.

Kyouryuuger Movie v2 released

Just changed a few things. Most people won't notice

-1080 version had its bitrate upped, since someone said it was a bit artifacty

-Surround sound track added to all versions of the movie

-Fixed interlacing problem in the museum ad


Kyouryuuger 46 released

This pic is so adorable. I think it's a scan from one of the TV magazines that I found on tumblr.

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Kyou movie

We might be rereleasing this since the surround sound track is missing. Will keep you informed.

Yuta Cafe Recipes

Looks like I left out a step when adding the recipes to the videos, just use these. Thanks to Luna for translating them:


Strawberry Tart (Christmas Tree Style)

18 cm tart shell
2 15cm sponge cakes
About 15 sliced strawberries
*Custard cream
*Whipped cream
*Simple syrup

Custard Cream
2 egg yolks
60 grams sugar
20 grams flour
200 mL milk
Dash of vanilla extract

(1) Beat egg yolks and granulated until whitish, slowly add flour and mix.

(2) Slowly add milk and any remaining flour. Add vanilla.

(3) Cook on medium heat, constantly stirring until it boils and thickens. Reduce heat and stir until smooth.

(4) Cool mixture. Once cooled, stir until it achieves a cream-like consistency.

(5) For whipped cream, beat 200 mL of heavy whipping cream and 20 grams of sugar together until whipped.

(6) For simple syrup, mix 25 grams of sugar with 50 mL water and 5 drops of lemon juice. Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved and mixture starts to boil.

(7) Cut the sponge cakes into circles of 15, 12, 9 and 6cm diameters.

(8) Put some simple syrup at the bottom of the tart shell and place the 15 cm cake inside

(9) Layer custard cream, strawberries and the whipped cream on top of the cake

(10) Successively layer on smaller and smaller sponge cakes with the cream and strawberry layers in between. Coat the whole tart in the remaining whipped cream and decorate like a Christmas tree with strawberries and sprinkles.


Gaim Style Orange Baked Cheesecake

250 grams cream cheese
70 grams sugar
2 eggs
180 grams sour cream
40 mL heavy whipping cream
15 grams flour
15 mL orange juice
3 grams orange zest

80 grams graham crackers
40 grams unsalted butter

★Before cooking
-Make sure cream cheese and butter are at room temperature
-Crush crackers and combine with butter. Press into thin layer at the bottom of a baking pan and refrigerate until solid
-Sift flour
-Preheat oven to 170 degrees C

(1) Stir cream cheese until soft, slowly add sugar. Add eggs one at a time, constantly stirring.

(2) Slowly add sour cream while stirring, add heavy whipping cream once smooth.

(3) Without overstirring, add sifted flour, orange juice, and orange zest.

(4) Pour mixture onto the graham cracker crust and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.

Kyouryuuger the Movie and Cut Footage released

With Nakamura Shizuka as Meeko, AKA the lunch lady from Rescue Fire.

Momose Misaki as Lemnear.

And the magnificient Tsukui Minami as Earthy. You might recognize her, because she's in Gaim 15. And she's wonderful!

Enjoy the cut footage segment, as well as a plug for a dinosaur museum.

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Gaim 15 HD v2 released

Just fixing the torrent to include the HD version of EXA.

Good news everybody

Someone generously provided a raw for Gaim 14, so an 1080 version is coming out after all.

KR Gaim 15, EXA, Yuta Cafe 1-2 released

A few seconds of the opening was lost, but it's just the recap footage. Sorry!

Hopefully the wonderful E-X-A music video and Yuta (Baron) Cafe 1-2 will salve the situation. Enjoy the bonuses!

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My Little Chinese New Years!

Image from this site



KR Gaim 14 released (At last!)


Sorry this took forever. The only raws we found were 1280x720, so that's what we went with. No 1080 version this week. (We can revisit it from the Blu-ray later)

I finally got around to making a cheat-cheat for Matsubokkuri Arms and Donguri Arms. These were kind of hard, since I didn't have any obvious tricks for memorizing them. Still, maybe you'd find it interesting if you have trouble remembering these two words.

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Japanese fruit names thread

Update on last week's episodes

Sorry for the delay, between the hardware failure, staff members getting sick and moving, it's been a hectic mess. But we're turning things around and this week's episodes are in the process of getting done. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Anyone want to qc for Sexy Voice and Robo DVD versions?

E-mail if you're interested. Contact info is in the Contact Us tab above.

Someone volunteered to time shift the scripts and mark the parts where there's new lines, so this is a thing that's happening.

More wiki stuff: Articles about guest actors

Per someone's suggestion, I've created some more pages for listing guest actors for Kamen Rider and Sentai:

The latter is just a more generic version of the Sentai-only article above.

Remember you don't need to sign in to edit the wiki. Try to police yourselves and solve disputes using the Discussion tab at the top.

Edit: If you do sign up, the only benefit is that you gain the ability to upload pictures to the wiki.

Thanks and have fun!


Faiz 47 released

Probable image source

Apparently we released it yesterday, but I only found out about it today. Let me know if there's a release without a matching front page post, since sometimes the left hand doesn't talk with the right.

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Trivia on the Wiki

They're still being updated, so check it out to see what's new. As usual, if you see any mistakes or feel like there's something that needs to be corrected, you can hit the edit button if you're sure, or bring it up in the Discussion link at the top.

Also, the parents thing was too narrow, so the wiki page is now about Sentai actors in general appearing in Sentai again:


Kyouryuuger 44 released

Buy your clothes!

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