T-shirt design

Our buddy Ehmar has designed another t-shirt. If you like it, please consider voting for it.


KR Drive 05 released

QC Help?

It's always kind of slow this time of year and I could use some extra QC help. If you're interested, send me an e-mail at the Contact Us link at the top.

Include the following information:

1) Your nick that you'd like to be credited by

2) Whether you want to work on Agito, Commercials, Shinkenger, Transformers Go, or Toei Hero Next #4 the Bounty Hunter Troupe (Kyouryuuger spin off).

Thanks! And have a happy veteran's day!

Streaming thread

Just trying this out. Right now I've got a list of the streams that still exist on my Dailymotion. Kamen Rider Death has provided a zippcast upload for Drive 4. If you guys want to post something, just drop it in the thread and I'll add it to the list above.

As it is a new thing, feedback and suggestions are welcome.



Kabuto 3 HD 720 released but...

The blu-rays are coming out in January, so expect this to be obsoleted almost instantly. We're just releasing it now since we had already put the work into it when the announcement was made.

MegaRanger 44 released

Surprise! Another Mega release!

Mega thread / Mega wiki

Schwa! Ultraman Nexus Interview 3: Memories is released

If you missed the first two, Origins and Production are also up.

Thanks again to SciFi JAPAN TV for doing this. I think it's a great behind the scenes look with the creators of one of the best toku series around.

Forum thread

MegaRanger 43 released

SHT may be on break, but we're still working hard. Enjoy a blast from the past with Mega 43!

Thread / Wiki

Garo batch actually seeded now

Just took a day!

Password Reset

There has been news that the software we use for the front page may have been hacked. I have taken the precaution of replacing the old installation with a new patched one and testing the old one for any modifications. It does not appear that we were affected, but not all hacks will leave a trace. Therefore, I have taken action to force a password reset on every forum account. Please make sure to reset your wiki password as well!

Garo first series and SD movies batched

Since Super Hero Time is off this week, why not give Garo a chance if you haven't already? Seeing as how it's an anime and manga now, it's becoming bigger than ever. So why not check out the toku that started it all?


  • The first season that started it all
  • Gaiden (ep 26)
  • Beast of the White Night special version 3
  • Garo TV
  • Kiba
  • Tougen no Fue
  • Soukoku no Maryuu
  • And many other bonus clips. Make sure you've got them all~


If you want the HD versions of the movies, please check out the recent movie batches in the Garo section.

What do you guys do on no SHT weeks?

Or what do you do in general?

(Hopefully I'll be able to use this time to work on backburner projects. Primarily Mega and Agito!)

Gaim relationship charts

Big thanks to Silverwind for scanning this. You can see the original post here:

My favorite parts are where there are question marks next to the relationship XD

HQ Download:


Kamen Rider Drive 04 released

So streaming on dailymotion won't work anymore, since all the Toei videos have been taken down. (Garo's still up though.) If you guys have any suggestions on how we could continue it, feel free to contribute to this thread.

Thread / Wiki

Toqger 34 released

Can you guys please stop capitalizing the Q in Toqger? It looks really weird when you guys do that. It looks even worse when the G is also capitalized, because it looks like you guys don't know how to unpack abbreviations. It'd be like looking at TF and writing TransFormers from it.

Thread / Wiki

Oh hi Mark

Mark Musashi was on Agents of Shield last night!



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