Garo -Makai no Hana- 20 released

Do you know your Makai Priests?

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Ultraman Ginga 11 released

"Ends in one week! Everyone just wait!" -Ultraman Ginga

While this is the last episode, there's still the movie and other extras coming. So keep an eye out for that! Thanks for being patient and supporting us!

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Software suggestions?

I started an article on useful software

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the software listed, let me know.


Book review: House of Leaves

"This is not for you"

...the first words you read when you open this novel.

It's not entirely unfair. The book is hostile unlike any other that I have read. It bombards you with useless information. It redacts words and letters in a chapter. An external narrator tells a story within the end notes, so you have to keep track of two narratives.

If you take out the experimental storytelling, would this story be as compelling? I dunno. All I can say is that it's all a part of the experience.

Having just finished the story, I can't help but be surprised. "Huh, I guess I just read a story." I must have cared about the characters and their ultimate fates. But more than anything, I wanted answers. Why was this story told this way? Why is the word "house" written in blue? Why? Why why?

And I guess that's the experience of House of Leaves. You go in, like an explorer in the dark. Maybe there's some answers out there, maybe there's not.

And it's a heavy book. Maybe it's not as dense as it appears, but that doesn't take away the sting from the lack of a digital version.

Can I recommend it? Maybe not? Do I want someone to read it and tell me what they think of it? Hell yeah I want that.



Garo sketches

I just posted a bunch of sketches from Nakayama Masei's blog:

ZyuRanger 25 released

So we had this in qc, so we're just wrapping this up and releasing it. But that's probably going to be it for this project because of the licensing. So we'll probably pull the torrents soon.

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Toqger 23 v2 released

Not really a v2. The original torrents had the Gaim CMs instead of the Toqger CMs. So this release is to fix that.

If you were in the middle of downloading, just keep the files in the same folder and point the torrent at it, it should resume.


Anyone want to work for TV-Nihon?

I could use some more QCers.

Current list of shows that we're actively working on:

  • The weeklys you know
  • Agito
  • Mega
  • And the Blu-ray remakes like Shinken, Kabuto, and W.
  • Other stuff that comes up

To qualify, you just have to have a good grasp of English and the ability to catch mistakes and recommend rephrasing changes. Having a grasp of Japanese is helpful, but not a requirement.

If you want to apply, e-mail or message me on the forums at takenoko. Thanks!


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