KR Agito 38 released

So shiny. Man, I need to finish Battride II someday.

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Server Donation Drive

It's that time of year again, boys and girls! As you know, TV-Nihon is an entirely volunteer and fan-run venture. The server donation drive pays for our website, the forums, the wiki, and the tracker. If you can transmit some digital dollar our way, that would greatly be appreciated. Every dollar is appreciated, and we'll love you just the same even if you don't donate anything.

So if you're feeling generous, hit that donation button at the top. I don't know how the server guys do it, but all we need is $500 this year. Thanks!


Any ts raws for this week's Super Hero Time?

Both our cappers were down today so we didn't capture today. Send me an e-mail or forum PM if you have a copy. Thanks!

Shinkenger 1DC v2 to fix an audio

The original release was missing 3 seconds at the end.

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Garo Anime: Probably not going to do it

First, apparently Garo Honoo no Kokuin has been licensed by Funimation.

But this is good news, since everyone on staff (including the timer and translator) have watched it and didn't like it.

Because of this, here's an episode 1 thread to discuss it. (But mostly features a list of nitpicks for why I think it's bad)


Ultraman Nexus fans, pay attention!

Courtesy of Jim Ballard:

"SciFi JAPAN TV is releasing a 3-part interview throughout October with the principal staff of ULTRAMAN NEXUS, to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary."

The first episode, "Origins", is now available here:

Looks great. Ultraman Nexus is my favorite Ultraman series, so I'll definitely be checking this out. Thanks for sharing that with us, Jim.


Garo -Makai no Hana- SD and HD torrents batched

Note: May take a bit for the HD 1080 torrents to get seeded.

Swaggy site for our IRC bot

Hariken (Founding member, donator, and general good guy) has set up a download bot for our IRC channel. But even if you don't download via IRC, check out the cool site that he set up for it. (The banner at the top scrolls)

A Kamen Rider version is on its way! Look forward to it.

Might be out of date, but here ours tutorial for downloading from IRC. (Note, you cannot download from IRC if you use the mibbit web client.)


Kamen Rider Gaim Finale released

And we close the chapter on another year of Kamen Rider. Thank you, Team Gaim. And thank you, viewers, for following us through this epic journey.

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Manga Review: Basara

So as we wrap up Gaim, how about checking out Basara? Like Gaim, the Basara features a story about war and the overthrow of tyrants. The characters are interesting and the complexity of their relationships are one of the main selling points for this series. If you want to see a story about how the Child of Destiny fights a war across Japan to overthrow tyrants in a post-apocalypse pre-industrial civilization, then you'll probably like this story.

It was a 27 volume manga (available on Kindle), an anime TV series, and even has a live action play.

Trigger warning: The story takes place in a lawless society where the strong do terrible things to the weak.

If that's not enough to convince you, here's some minor spoilers for the first volume:

So everyone expects the Child of Destiny to be a boy, but he's killed off super early. The actual Child of Destiny is his twin sister Sarasa. Because of this, there are a lot of situations where she has to pretend to be a person who she isn't, while also playing up this overhyped messiah figure.

Her main enemy is the Red King, who destroyed her village and had her brother killed. The main clicker is that they meet one day while outside their roles and they start to form a relationship. So you spend the series watching to see how their paths cross and where their path of battle takes them. Oh yeah, it's a shoujo manga, did I mention that?

But yeah, I really like it. Even without the romance and Elizabethan subplots, it's fun to watch Sarasa grow from a naive girl into a military commander. She's not strong or a mighty Jedi warrior, so she has to rely on her education and brains to get herself out of conflicts. Like real fucked up stuff happens and she gets depressed by it, like a normal person.

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