Kamen Rider Agito 34 released

Since this concludes a story arc, come back tomorrow for something different before more Agito.

Inoue's new show Gouraigan starts at the end of this week!

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Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono Production pics

Just dumped a select few onto the wiki.

You can see the whole thing here.

Ginga 3 released

Ultraman Ginga 2 released

Looks like the seeder isn't working. Maybe someone will come along and fix it later?

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Ressha Sentai Tokkyuuger

Get in your jokes about MagiShine now before everyone else does.


Ginga 1 released

Thanks to everyone who worked on this show. Ginga 1 released. We didn't cap the first episode so no 1080 version. Sorry!

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Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 25 released

Thanks for the fun, Yami wo Terasu Mono!

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On to the next Garo thing?

Agito 32 released

G3 and his rad armaments. Why don't we ever see him pull out that little knife to stab Unknowns?

More Inoue love. When's Gouraigan coming out again?

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Personality Test?


There is also an option to add your personality type to your forum profile. What does your personality say about you?


Kamen Rider Agito 29 released

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Inoue Toshiki week continues! The main writer for Faiz and Agito, Inoue is also known for writing most of Kiva and Cutie Honey.

Look forward to his new show with Garo director Amemiya Keita, Shougeki Gouraigan, in a couple of weeks.

☠ Tis talk like a pirate day ☠



Wizard 51 released

Following after Garo, here's Wizard complete! Crazy that both of those wrapped up this week.

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Complete series thread

Translator's lookback thread


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