Shougeki Gouraigan 12 released

One more episode after this! I never noticed that these pictures follow a similar format. I wonder if the other ones are like this.

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Install! MegaRanger 40 released

Hope your day has been going well! Here's our second release for the day.

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Let's start the day with our oldest Sentai

Yup, the other dinosaur sentai that we're working on, ZyuRanger 24 released!

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Image source

Merry Christmas!


With all the best wishes from the TV-Nihon team. Please enjoy these pics that I stole from 2chan. Feel free to add to them in the thread.


Ultraman Ginga Ex 1 released

Just the SD and HD 720.

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Shougeki Gouraigan 11 released

This episode actually directed by Amemiya Keita. Thank goodness.

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KR Gaim 10 released

Let's go with a <DON>!

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Kyouryuuger 41 released

Man, 2013 is almost over. What a year. I found this pic on 2chan, so I don't know where it's from.

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Super Hero Taisen Z version 2 released!

Fixes a couple mistakes in the script, as well as some frame encoding error in the 720 version.

The Movie Theft guys appear in Gintama

Remember that downloading pirated videos off the Internet is illegal!

Translation in Video Games segment

As some of you know, I'm a big fan of etymology. I love knowing why things are named certain ways, and more interestingly, what the thought process was for how something arrived at receiving a certain name.

I'm starting off by looking at names of items in Monster Hunter. But if you have any questions about any other video games, I can always take a look at it.

You can send questions at my e-mail address above, or post them on the forums in this thread.

Hope you guys find it interesting.

Edit: I'll be keeping it as a thread on my tumblr too at this link:

Kamen Rider Faiz 43 released

Faiz is almost complete? Very soon, Mari will be all mine then!

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If you like this pic, check out the guy's other Faiz illustrations.

Super Hero Taisen Z version 2 coming soon

Just fixing a line that got duplicated during the final checkoff. It's like falling on your face just short of the goal.

The 720 version also had some encoding issues which will get fixed. Thanks!

Quick note about the donation drive

Looks like we met our goal. Thank you to everyone who contributed. All our stuff would basically be homeless without you guys!

Talked with the server guy and we should be getting a new server sometime this week. Hurray!

Kamen Rider Fourze Quiz 12 released

And with that, I think Fourze is finally done. Nice work everyone!

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Super Hero Taisen Z released!

What a rad picture. Source

Now before you groan, this one was actually pretty good! If you enjoyed the Net Movies, then please enjoy the feature film too.

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And check out our impeccable timing. Heisei Kamen Rider VS Showa Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai has been announced. This must be fate. Also... happy Friday the 13th.


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