Oreimo Radio Transcript 16 up

Transcript 16

Special guest: Hayami Saori.

Journey Through the Decade~

2004 February Miageru hoshi~

2004 December Sorezore no rekishi ga kagaite

2008 Seiza no you

2012 July Sen de musubu shunkan hajimaru Legend

Scientific progress goes boink?!


Aaaaand we're back

Tracker looks like we've taken the TARDIS back to 1992, but it's up. Go happy downloaders!

EDIT: Okay, so you can't actually download anything without it asking for a username and password. Oops. Working on it.

W EDIT: WHEE WE'RE ACTUALLY BACK. Tracker design is temporary, so the sooner you submit designs the sooner we can get search functionality back.

In the meantime, please go gay over this picture of Date Akira. Takenoko already has.


Oreimo Radio Transcript 15

Sorry it's been a while.

Radio transcript 15

Looking forward to the second season!

Monday update

It seems like it would be more effort to patch the old tracker software, so a new one is being made. Hopefully this one will be less exploitable!

We're holding a contest for the design of the new tracker. This is a page a lot of people see, so please do a good job with it. Details here.

Just to reaffirm things, I don't believe the old tracker was shooting viruses and stuff into people's computers. If it were really that bad, we'd have a lot more of an issue. It just seems like someone somehow got in and added a harmless spam redirect.

We'll probably hold off on releasing more Agito for now. If the tracker is still down when our Go-Busters is ready for release, we'll just do a direct download release.


Tracker design contest

So we're thinking of using a new tracker. What we want from you guys is a new design for it.

We'll be taking applications for it. Submit a picture or html code or whatever. The winner's designs will get used for our new tracker page.

Hope we get some good ones!

Submission thread


Don't Panic

The web guys took the tracker down while they investigate this. Everything will be okay. Don't panic.

Don't panic.

Don't panic.


No, no, wait, don't panic. Sorry. Whew. Don't know how that got in there.

We Interrupt Your Show to Bring You This Message.

No Fourze this week! Instead, we bring you golf the Olympics!

Also, I wouldn't worry about getting a virus front he tracker redirect. Apparently going straight to works fine. Google also doesn't detect any malware on the tracker or the Thailand site that people are getting redirected to. The site admin will look at it later and hopefully that'll all get sorted out.

Don't click on the tracker url from Google

Apparently if you click on the link from google, it sometimes takes you to a Thai spam page. Just bookmark the torrent page url directly.

Specifically, use this url with the index.php at the end:

For some reason Avast is blocking by itself, so that might mean something?


KR Agito 18 relased

Special guest: Terasoma Masaki, the voice of Kintaros himself!

Thread / Wiki

Agito 17 released

Part man, part machine, all cop.

Thread / Wiki

Clandestine - Mark Musashi project

If you love kickass action scenes, why not check out Garo veteran Mark Musashi's new project Clandestine? You can reserve a digital copy for only $5 US and did I mention that Mark Musashi's in this? Because I don't think I can mention it enough.

Mark Musashi.

The Misadventures of Kamen Rider Black

Someone sent this to me by e-mail. I don't know what this Facebook page is, but it's all in Phillipinese. Still, you can enjoy the pictures though, but you can.

Go-Busters Mission 22 released

Special guest: Misaki Ayame who was Sister Miki on Cutie Honey THE LIVE. What show is that from and why is she wearing a maid outfit? I dunno, feel free to tell me in the thread. Or add it to the wiki if it's not there already.

Mission 22: Thread / Wiki

Also, I guess we made a contestable translation decision regarding the name of the guns. Here's my wiki article defending it.

AkibaRanger Radio 02 released

Looks like director Tasaki and Kozukozu's actress with AkibaBlue's actress.

Radio show 2

Special Guests: Hinami Kyoko (Blue) and Ogino Karin (Yellow).

Full disclosure: The songs and the merchandise corner were cut. The song they played was the opening to Gao and the Akiba opening.

There's the link if you really want to hear them:

Power Rangers going after Youtube

I just thought the response was pretty funny, more for the obvious ignorance than the poor English skills:

This video is my private Property n u cn see hw many views i get on this video people are requesting me to upload more of this video, so please get clear who the hell is jealous of my video and trying to removie it frm YouTube. [sic] I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief the material was removed due to a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled...


Book release

So I got an e-mail that Peter H. Brothers wrote a book called "MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda".


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