Weird Greens?

So Sen, Aniki, and Don, definitely weird greens.

Chiaki and Souji, not weird greens.

So Hanto. Weird green or not?


Ultraman Mebius 22

Let's stream Battride War Part 2 archive

All 5 hours:

2a W two stars
2b Hibiki
2c Kabuto
2d Kiva
2e Kuuga
2f Ryuki
2g Unlock Fourze
2h Survival Road and bonus stuff

New stuff from last time, I grabbed my Rider music collections and dumped them on my ps3. So this time, there's custom music that plays (In one of the parts I show how to set it up. You can basically set up the music to play under certain situations)

Sorry for ignoring chat again. I need to remind myself to peek in from time to time. I just kind of lose myself in the game and forget.


Let's stream Battride War Part 2

Video stream:

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ sysirc )


Let's play Kamen Rider Battride War Part 1

I've got an archive of last night's stream. Check it out:

Full uncut video (including 10+ minutes of installing)
Warning, full video is over 5 hours long.

Or just check out the highlights. Warning, for the actual Rider story chapters, maybe spoilers?
1a Prologue
1b Wizard
1c Unlock Faiz
1d Faiz's chapter
1e Unlock and W's chapter
1f Unlock and Faiz's chapter
1g Unlock and Blade's chapter
1h Unlock and Agito's chapter


KR Wizard 39 released

Hope everyone's having a good Friday!

No Wizard or Kyouryuu next week. Everyone take a siesta!

Thread / Wki

Release 3200.5 - Rurouni Kenshin live 720p

The first time I saw this movie I knew it was something I wanted us to translate. But I figured that since it was released by Warner Brothers, there is still a large following in the US and that there was actually a movie premier in the US that this movie was bound to get licensed. But as time passed, and there was no information about a US release, even though it had been licensed in like 60 other countries, I told myself that if a year passed since the Blu-Ray release date and there still was no information, I would translate it myself.

Well, it's been over a year, and so I'm proud to bring you the awesomeness that is the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie. I'd like to thank Azazel for timing this hideously long movie and managing to figure out how to properly rip and encode it, Yaiba, for making an amazing karaoke for the MV, and our wonderful QC team who hopefully caught all of my mistakes, especially the really stupid ones.

Even if you've never heard of Rurouni Kenshin before, give it a try, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Release 3200: Rurouni Kenshin live movie SD version released

Stuff to know:

  • Since these files are huge, the different versions will be released one at a time.
  • The movie might look really thin, since it's not the 16x9 ratio that we're used to. It's widescreen cinema format.

So yeah, Satou Takeru has come a long way from Den-O, hasn't he? If you love Kenshin the anime/manga or Den-O, do check this out. It's a fun historic Japan movie.

Big thanks to Luna for heading this project. Probably wouldn't have been done without her.


If you're a newcomer to the series or just want to know more about the real Japanese history behind the movie, check out our wiki page about it:
Our Kenshin wiki page
Let me know if there are any other terms or historical stuff that you'd like us to clear up.


Kyouryuu 17 released

Special guest of Silver as Gray!

Thread / Wiki / Artist

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 10 released

Hey, Kouga! I guess this was for some Garo event? I've been holding onto this for quite a while.

Thread / Wiki

Fourze 19-30 HD Batch released

  • Fourze 19-30 HD
  • April Fool's Fourze 28 HD
  • Fourze 21-30 Deleted Footage Blu
  • Giant Step MV DVD
  • Bounceback MV DVD
  • Shooting Star MV DVD
  • Evolvin' Storm MV DVD
  • Junctions 1-2 Blu
  • Promos 1-2 HD

Go-Busters HD Batch 36-46 released

Yet another batch. Remember to resume if possible.

Also, if you're feeling generous with bandwidth, I should plug the

Torrents that need seeds page


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