Ginga 8 released

Recall Kyou 47

Looks like the episode was encoded off a script that didn't include some of the QC comments. Reencoding.

Stuff Japanese Police have

Uhhh... are those Kamen Rider helmets and Gokaiger jackets?

Faiz 48 released

Sorry about the delay on Gaim. Have some Faiz instead! Think we'll finish the DVD remakes this year?

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Kamen Rider Taisen, you choose the ending!

See the results here:

Today may be the last episode of Kyouryuugers, but don't be sad yet (if you're a Power Rangers fan):

Sorry, Go-Busters fans!

Jyoshizu: Some girly sentai parody?

Didn't we already have a sentai parody last year with 8rangers?

Travelers: Obligatory boring informational follow up

Just to note, the subtitles are edits to the DVD's ENGLISH captions. Weird, right? English captions on a region 2 Japanese DVD. Even if you imported it, you couldn't play it on your American DVD player.

No HD release since there was no Blu-ray release.

Rebellions, I mean Travelers released

So sit down, fellers, and listen to my theory. I think that Travelers is what became of that rad Rebellions trailer from a few years ago.

A few years ago, we saw Nao and Tsukui Minami do a rad trailer. They were on bikes and wore tight outfits and fought monster stuff. It looks like they were originally backed by Toei and the director was Sakamoto Koichi.

But I guess they didn't get the money they needed. So they turned to Next Media of Taiwan to get the funding, and changed some stuff. We've still got Nao in a partner role (her new partner is Kinoshita Ayumi of Yuuko/Jasmine fame). There's still prominent bikes. the L is still big and capitalized in the center of both logos. I think the case is strong.


Travelers Wiki

Rebellions Wiki


Gaim 16 raw is messed up, will need a new source

So I guess the 5 seconds that were missing last week was a symptom of the capper dying. Like any good mecha anime, this is the time to bring in Capper V to replace his fallen brother, but we still need a raw for this week's episode of Gaim. Kyouryuuger was okay.

MLP Reviewer Silver-Quill turns into a Kyouryuuger

It happens about two minutes into the video. Check it out if you like My Little Pony.

Kyouryuuger Movie v2 released

Just changed a few things. Most people won't notice

-1080 version had its bitrate upped, since someone said it was a bit artifacty

-Surround sound track added to all versions of the movie

-Fixed interlacing problem in the museum ad


Kyouryuuger 46 released

This pic is so adorable. I think it's a scan from one of the TV magazines that I found on tumblr.

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Kyou movie

We might be rereleasing this since the surround sound track is missing. Will keep you informed.


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