Sentai Ranger profiles?

So I turned the names of the Rangers' into links. Unfortunately, the links don't go anywhere!

We could definitely use some people going through and writing up profiles for those characters. The chart's a bit ugly at the moment, we'll probably need to add color overrides at some point as well. But right now it's really easy to see which characters have pages and which don't.

Seiyuu Appreciation: Tanaka Rie

So how much do you know about Tanaka Rie, who voices Virgo Zodiarts on Kamen Rider Fourze?

Fanart of Mariel dressed as Virgo Zodiarts.

Did you know she played these anime roles:

Or that she did the Japanese dubbing for this Power Rangers person:

Or that she's a fan of Monster Hunter and had two seasons of an Internet show about it?

Our wiki article on Tanaka Rie.

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary

I guess it's been 20 years since Sailor Moon's first tankoban was released. Looks like it was serialized from February 1992 to March 1997. Anyway, 20 years, crazy!

Sailor Moon Channel

Pic from this site.

OOO Wunderbare Direktor Geschnitten Freigegeben

The Tokugawa crest. Note the aoi/hollyhock pattern on it. Heroic Lily?! Yuri?! Moonlight?

Thread / Wiki

Can you spot what's new?

Fourze 31-32 DC coming out this October

Almost in time for our birthday. That's weird, since by the time that is released, Fourze will have been over for a month or two. Also, why didn't they include this in the actual DVD/Blu-Ray release? /me shakes fist

So I made a page... about English

Don't get me wrong, I'm just doing this for fun and because it's an interesting thing to note. Anyway, add them if you think of any.

Edit: Oh hey, I spelled "about" wrong initially. Now that's ironic!


Stop calling her Kozkoz, that's wrong

Like seriously. That's not how you romanize Japanese names.

Edit: I know the url for the pic says Kozkoz, but in the same picture it spells her name correctly. Look at the background.

Go-Busters 18 released


Thread / Wiki

Pic was too funny to not use. Taken from this page

Also, we're trying to make our wiki bigger and better! Stake your lot here. Then go to the wiki and start adding your contributions. Or just go there and start editing it right now. If you have any questions, leave them in the wiki editor forum. Thanks!


It takes a community

So I've been thinking that it'd be really good if we handed out assignments. People like work, right?

But seriously, it'll take a lot of people to fill in the gaps in our wiki. If you're a smart dude and good at the writing thingy, please join up and help out!

List of series here


It's a Chisato episode. Mega 28 released

This episode personally recommended to you by Akagi Nobuo!

Thread / Wiki

Akiba 11 HD and Go-Bus 17 HD released

Just wanted to point out the Salvage Mice movie thread I made before. Looks like it has that Karate Girl in it. Okay, read it a bit closer. Looks like it has staff from Karate Girl in it, but not actually Takeda Rina in it. These are different girls.

You can also see AkibaRanger's director in the background of the article pic. Figured it's relevant since it's referenced in Akiba 11.


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