Dogu-chan 08 released

Special guest star: Ishino Mako AKA Swan-san!

Oh yeah, we're finishing this series. Hurray!

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Gokaiger Reunion pics

Davinci has posted a few of these to a thread on our forum. Check 'em out!

Kyouryuuger 1-26 and movie SD batch released

Remember to move the individual files to the batch if you're planning on resuming. Hopefully Gaim next.

No Toqger Feb 1st

Was preempted to air a news story about the execution of the ISIS Japanese hostage.
07:30 - 08:00
ANN報道特別番組 イスラム国日本人人質事件 後藤健二さん殺害か

Drive is scheduled to air as normal.


Commercials batched

We've done a bunch of commercials over the years. Check them out, they're amusing!

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Rurouni Kenshin 2 version 2 released

A version 2 released to squash a couple typos and to reencode the music video.

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Toqger 43 v3 released

Toqger 43 rereleased again because of audio/video desync. I think what was happening was the text on the bottom was messing with the frame rate, causing a few of the frames to repeat when it appeared. If it's not fixed, let me know and we'll see about doing a v4!

Rurouni Kenshin 2 and Mighty Long Fall MV released

Aunt Luna's got Kenshin 2, just for you!

Please be patient for movie 3. The Blu-ray just came out today in Japan.

Discussion Thread

Please check out our Wiki article for historical notes and other trivia.

Go-Busters batch long overdue

Not sure why it took so long to do this. So here's the batches for the last SD Go-Busters batch and the random 1080 stuff.

Ultraman movie qcers?

Hello there!

We've got a little side project where we clean up the translations for the 2004 Ultraman movie. If you want to help qc that, send me an e-mail.


Toqger batches up!

Just a word of warning, it might take a few days for them to all get seeded.

If you were on the individual files, please move the in-progress files over to the batch folder.

Anyone want to help QC MegaRanger?

Send me an e-mail if interested in this or anything else. Thanks!



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