Kyouryuuger 09 released

I'm watching you, sleeping bag...

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Akiba Tsuu 02 released

Try using our Outrageous Power!

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Defining Robo Names

I'm thinking about writing an article for the wiki that describes the parts of the robo names. Like Go-Buster Oh, I'd explain the Oh means King for example. Since a lot of names are made with kanji, their meanings would be super obvious to a native Japanese person, but maybe not so obvious to other people.

So I'll try to hit the big ones, but if you have any names that you want to request, do so in this thread.


Wizard 31 released

Whoa, careful there, Beast. Getting a little hyper there!

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The Last Unicorn

Posted some pics and wrote up some anecdotes from the movie screening and author event on Saturday.

Apparently the screenings will continue around the country (and hopefully Japan). Try to catch it in theaters while you can!

Pics and anecdotes:


Akiba 1 ver 2 released

Sorry it took a bit. Changed a few things this morning. Enjoy!

List of changes for Akiba Tsuu 01 ver 2

For those of you who want to take a peak under the hood. I'm sorry we made these mistakes in the first place, and hope we'll do a lot better for episode 2.

Akiba 1 ver 2 pending

Might release a version 2 to cover some mistakes that were in the first episode.

Wizard 30 and Kyouryuu 08 released

Won't you be my umbrella?

It's catch-up Friday here at TV-Nihon. In the interest of moving things along, Wizard's 1080 is also released. Sorry again for the delays. We're trying to maintain the ship as best we can. Akiba's next in the queue and hopefully we can bang out Wizard 31 by the weekend is over.

Wizard 30 Thread / Wiki

Kyouryuu 08 Thread / Wiki

Wizard 29 and Garo Yami 02 HD 1080 versions released

Beast, you're not a golden knight, but you're close enough.

So yeah, Wizard 29 SD and HD 720 versions were the last one we got from Japan before our connection lost Internet. We had to redo the 1080 version from scratch, hence the delay.

Garo 02 has some partial nudity in it, so take that into account before watching with kids. Hope no one got in trouble because of this.

Garo 02 Thread / Wiki

Wizard 29 Thread / Wiki

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 02 released

Thread/ Wiki

At least we can get Garo released in a timely basis. Thank goodness for that.


So what's going on with weeklies?

So bad times for TN. Our encoder is without Internet till probably the end of the month.

That means we have to turn to Japanese p2p for raws, whiiiiiiiiiich is sort of unreliable. For example, we got Wizard 31 on Saturday, but didn't get Wizard 30 till the day after.

The good news is we appear to have all the raws for the last two weeks and are working hard on them. Garo 2 is in distro and Wizard 30's in QC.

And Go-Bus versus Gokai is in QC too.

I guess it doesn't help to be adding two new shoes to our weekly releases. Chaotic times it is ahead for us.


Kyouryuu 07 HD 1080 released

Sorry, things are going to be slow this week!

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 01 version 2 released

Version 2 released to fix some dropped frames in the first version. Most people probably didn't notice anything wrong, but always best to do things right, right?


Garo Yami 01 v2 coming

Looks like there's some drop frames thing going on. For the most part not noticeble, but a reencode is coming out to correct this issue. So that'll be released overnight.



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