Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 01 version 2 released

Version 2 released to fix some dropped frames in the first version. Most people probably didn't notice anything wrong, but always best to do things right, right?


Garo Yami 01 v2 coming

Looks like there's some drop frames thing going on. For the most part not noticeble, but a reencode is coming out to correct this issue. So that'll be released overnight.


Kyouryuuger 07 released

Beware of ban hammers.

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Faiz 29 v2 released


I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it's time to erase that mistake!

Kamen Rider Kuuga 19 released

Thread / Wiki

Weeklies might be delayed for last week and this one. Our Japanese connection has no internets!

Garo's being worked on. We're waiting for the Tokyo-MX airing of Akiba Tsuu. Still waiting on typesetting for Go-Bus Vs. Gokai. So that's where things are at this moment.

MRR 1-26 batched again

Was missing episodes 6 and 15. Remember to resume your old files if you were in the middle of downloading before.

MRR 6 and 15?

It looks like I was missing these files when I created the batch. Anyone got them so that I can remake the batch? Thanks.

Just upload them somewhere like sendspace or mega and e-mail or PM me the links.



Something that would be really good is if we could repopulate the Direct Downloads Forums links for MRR (and anything else we're missing). If I had a list of shows that need new links, I could post them here. For now, submit links to this forum:

MRR 27-53 and Mugenbine CMs batch released

This one includes MugenBurning's CM too.

If you want to resume, start the torrent, this will create a directory and some dummy files. Stop the torrent and copy and paste your old files into the new folder. Delete the torrent and start it again so it does a new hash check, this will resume your old files.

Machine Robo Rescue 01-26 batch redone

Grab it while it's seeded. If you were on the old batch, just move your files to the new one and restart your torrent. This will allow it to resume.

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Anyone have Machine Robo Rescue 25?

I'm trying to recreate the torrent but my copy is corrupt for some reason. If you could upload it to sendspace or or somewhere else where I can grab a copy, that'd be cool.

Yup, this was April Fools

But I do genuinely like the new site design. Look at that logo. Praise the sun!

Anyway, hope there's not too many hurt feelings about the Abaranger prank. I mean, you did see that our site was totally pink, right? And Abaranger was filmed in 4:3 format so there's no way it'd have a 1080 HD version. Notice how Abaranger didn't even have its own section on the tracker? Plus why would we even start Abaranger, we've got other stuff to do! There were quite a few clues if you looked for them.

And if you were fooled, just consider that an April Fool's day prank wouldn't be fun if everyone saw through it. That's just how things are. Well, live and learn, right?

So maybe we can keep the front page this way? The forum's already back to normal colors (needs the silver option. Can we add pink as an option too for those of us who liked it?) And the tracker needs to be set back.


The color pink

Japan is a very pink country. See that red and white? Mix it and you get pink!

But why is pink so symbolic in Japan? Well, let's start by talking about the word pink in Japanese. Momoiro is literally "the color of peaches". Nowadays, it's probably just easier to say the word Pink in English though.

This site talks about how pink is a symbolism of youth and freshness:

Sakura are also pink:

As well as the flower Yamato Nadeshiko, the symbol of the ideal Japanese lady:


So a few people started following my tumblr (Thanks, hope you like My Little Pony!) and I thought you guys would find their toku stuff interesting:

If you want a plug, just let me know and I'll probably do it.



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