555 31 released

Akiba 6 SD and HD 720 released

1080 is still encoding, will be released later

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HEY YOU. Stop downloading your JaPANese ranger and get something AMERIKAN. OK?!

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More releases TONIGHT, desu ne.

Creating character pages for the wiki?

Right now there's a real dearth of character pages for the wiki. It'd be really nice if we could take the hero pages out of those character pages and give them their own page, along with adding pictures, info on their tools/weapons, vehicles, etc.

If that sounds like something that would interest you, check out the thread, e-mail me, or sign up to our wiki.



AkibaRanger 4 released

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So like I was saying, we don't have a good raw for this episode, so there's no 1080 or commercials. Sorry! All we can do is do what we can with the resources that we have.

What is takenoko's avatar from?

It's from this!

Garo 6 SD fixed

If you ever finish an episode and want more, feel free to read the trivia on our wiki or participate in a discussion on our forums!


Garo 6 SD encoded at the wrong resolution

Hold up, we'll get this fixed up in a jif.

Kamen Rider Garo released

Everyone line up!

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 6 Thread / Wiki

KR Wizard 35 Thread / Wiki

About Akiba 4

So we never got a good raw for Akiba 4. We'll go off a 720 raw and do a normal HD and SD release, then move on to 5 and 6 which we do have good source material for. Hopefully we can catch up this week.

Kyouryuu 11 HD 1080 released

Go, my pet! Save the dino butts show!

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Kyouryuu 11 released

This picture makes me laugh. I think there's a guy on the forum with Candelira in this exact pose. (If  you don't get why this is funny, check out Go-Onger.)

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