Kanon Batched up!

Go grab 'em if it pleases you.

July 7 Tanabata Day!

It's Tanabata!

Man, I'm in the mood for rewatching Densha Otoko. Do we have any kind of talented people who'd want to edit the TV audio so that it matches the DVDs?

And would someone like to adjust the scripts to match the DVD version?

I also don't remember if I posted this pic, so I'm posting it here. Because I can! Huzzah!

Happy Fourth! W 02 Blu-ray edition released

No Garo this week (think it's soccer?) so have some W instead!

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http://uptobox.com no longer available in the US

Please use an alternate file service or can someone please upload mirrors to another site? Looks like this affects Gaim and other recent series. Thanks!


Toqger 18 released

Alright! Alright! 18 departing now!

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Girl Kamen Riders not Kamen Rider Girls


Check out the post. I think it's interesting stuff. Would love to see a list of the reasoning that went into the choices made.

Garo -Makai no Hana- 12 released

Written and directed by Amemiya Keita.

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