Go-Busters 41 released


Thread Maybe you guys can settle an argument between Luna and me. Watch the episode too, it's a good one!


Sentai Pyramid



Seeds, we need seeds


Q added a link on the bottom that shows which torrents are unseeded. This is pretty useful.

Going along the lines of the seedbox thing, would the community be interested in picking up some seedboxes to keep such torrents from going dead?




I guess it's a service that helps keeps torrents seeded? Does anyone know anything about this? This might be useful for our older releases that frequently run out of seeds.



Wizard 12 v2 released


Show them how the fist goes in, Director Tasaki.

Just a v2 since the audio is late by 130 ms. Most of you won't notice. For the rest of you, there's v2.

Super Hero Taisen v2 out

Some people had trouble with the surround sound track, so the version 2 includes a stereo track as the main one. The surround sound track is the secondary track if you still want it. Somehow this is your fault, Decade!

If you already have the file, Venares has a nifty trick for converting it from surround to stereo:


Wiz 12 v2 coming

Looks like the audio is off by the teensy weensiest bit. Most people won't notice, but just giving you a heads up in case you want to grab the v2 one. Won't take but a bit!

Kanon 20 released

I'm currently reuploading Super Hero Taisen, so if you've had audio problems, a version 2 is coming out. Till then, savvy forum user Venares has written a bat program to convert the surround sound track to stereo, which should help with the compatibility.

By the way, why do you think Toei movies are as bad as they are? Contribute to this thread!

And if you haven't noticed, http://wiki.tvnihon.com/ is the new url for our wiki. There's no excuse to forget it now!

Kanon 20

Thread / Wiki

It's War! Super Hero Taisen Released!


We also have "We are Brothers" thanks to Yaiba. Also check out the cool GokaiSilver Dice-O CM.


Thread / Wiki

We Are Brothers

Thread / Wiki

Kanon 1-12 HD batched

Gokaiger 32-51 SD Batch released

So I went through my Blu-Rays and capped these going off this list. Looks pretty nice together. To download the full size you need to use the download option I think.

Edit: Oops, I lost the all silver one for some reason. Sorry!

Agito 1-20 batch released


Ready to go, Count Zero!

Gokaiger 43-51 HD batch released

Please reenjoy Gokaiger while we're working on Super Hero Taisen.


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