Tougen Trailer now subbed

Grab it while it's hot!

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New Garo Movie: Tougen no Fue

"The Pink Phantasmal Flute" I'm guessing? So I guess it'll star Jabi and Rekka. Weird. Comes out in July too, pretty quick.

Man, I look away from the Internet for 5 hours to play Monster Hunter and THIS is what happens?!

Edit: I'm seeing a lot of people spelling Rekka's name wrong. It has two k's in it.



KR Wizard 27 HD 1080

Magical Sisters! No wait, wrong series...

Also including 25's Cm because that got left out before. Sorry, 1080 downloaders!

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More forum groups

At Luna's request, an AkibaRanger Usergroup has been added.

I also threw in a Kyouryuuger and Wizard groups as well. You can join these groups from your forum control panel and Usergroup option.


Kyouryuuger 04 1080 version released

Zakutor, a raptor that cuts. (Zakuzaku being the Japanese sound for cutting things up)

And Parasagun, a Parasaurolophus with a gun in his butt.

Also, did you figure out who the guest actor was? Here's a hint!

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KR Wizard 27 released B-b-bwaaaa?

Yo, what's the deal Kamen Rider water forms? Why you so underused?

Can't you have more fights by lakes?




Water fountains?










Davey Jone's locker?



Swimming pools...?

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When you're done with the episode, be sure to check out the trivia on the wiki for last week and this one.

TGIF, Kyouryuuger 04 released

Whoa, how about giving Pink a little space, Green!

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Let's Play OreImo PSP

So I've decided against doing the live stream. Considering how much work it was to do the translations for just the first part, it probably would have been a bad idea to do that live. I'll probably just work on it in parts and update the thread as I go instead.


Kyouryuuger 03 1080 released

You've changed, King Rex!

Let's Play OreImo PSP

So to set things up for tomorrow, I subbed the first part of the game which explains the two game mechanics. The Two Shot Conversation and the ORE List.!e1ICwQ5L!GBePZl6yuKHQoKcUgvegcAZG1tUJLSt40uW__qjBc-Q



About Gavan

Yeah, okay. I guess we'll sub Gavan.


Wizard 26 released

Hey, your'e not Medusa! Who are you?! Get out of here!

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Who is that actor?

Playing a little game. Feel free to come up with your own questions:

Fourze 1080 v2 released

There we go.

Don't download the 1080 version

It looks like it came out wrong or something, the last half is broken and the file size is too small.

Graduate one more time: Fourze Finale Director's Cut released

The trailer mostly consists of the new DC footage, so watch it afterward if you don't want to spoil yourself. Director Koichi talks though, neat!

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Let's Play OreImo PSP

Time: This Friday March 15. 6 PM Pacific (9PM East Coast)

Format: The stream will be non-voiced. Everything will be conveyed through IRC chat which will appear as subtitles in the video.

Chat channel: To be decided

So in anticipation of the second season of Oreimo coming out next month, I'd like to try playing this game. The game's story takes place after the True Route ending of season one. I only watch the anime series, I don't read the manga or the novellas, so as far as I know, the stuff that happens in the game are just what-if scenarios. So maybe spoilers for the new TV series, but who knows?

I'm going to stream the footage to my Twitch account. It'll include the IRC channel where we'll be gathering so I'll try to have some audience participation. The game is basically a visual novel, so while most of it is voiced, there may be some text only parts. I'll try to summarize what I can, but obviously I won't be able to do a line-by-line translation for everything.

I think I'll try the Ayase route first. I really like her storyline and think it'd be interesting to watch.

I've streamed myself playing games before, but this will be my first time trying something in this format. If it works out, maybe I'll do more. I've got Climax Heroes OOO and some of the old Rider Playstaion 1 games. Or we can do something entirely different, I'll post my games collection in the thread.

Past streams:



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