Sexy Voice and Robo 02 DVD ver 2 released

Includes the series promo (from a crappy quality raw) and the Max Robo promos.

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Kyouryuu Ratings are in

Well the numbers are in. Thanks to Davinci for keeping those updated on the wiki:

Average: 3.9%
Highest: 5.3% (Brave 33) Introduces Maximum
Lowest 2.3% (Brave 24) Introduces the 7th Kyouryuuger

Go-Busters by comparison:

Average - 4.1%
Highest - 5.3% (Mission 36) Introduces Go-Buster Lioh
Lowest - 2.2% (Mission 22) Introduces Escape


Toqger 02 departing now

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday morning. Let's train on!

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Sexy Voice and Robo 01 DVD ver 2 released

So we're giving this another round. This time all the episodes will be converted to the DVD versions (Similar to what we did with @deep actually). Thanks to Bobo for spearheading this project (and frankly doing the brunt of most of the retiming work). And thanks again to the QCers for their contributions to it.

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Summary for people who don't know this series: It's a slice of life drama about a 14-year-old girl and a robot otaku who end up as spies. They go off on adventures, but there's a quiet pensiveness of the writing that makes the show very endearing.

It was originally released in 2007 and is based on a manga by the same name. The English version of the manga was released by Viz. Please check out our wiki article if you want to find out more information:

This is probably how I should have handled things all along

Instead of getting in a huffy mess the way I did before.


Sorry. These things take time and it's a balancing act between this and our many other projects. Because of that, I can't give a guaranteed schedule for when these episodes will appear, only that they will get done eventually. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Tracker being funky

Looks like the tracker is refusing people, but if you have DHT enabled, I see people are able to get the files that way.

Congrats to Nao for being engaged!

Apparently she's going to marry some soccer guy after dating for a year and 4 months.

Faiz Penultimate released

49 DVD released! Almost done!

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My response to an e-mail

So I was talking with a o1man and he sent me a very thoughtful suggestion on how the translations can be more approachable for a general audience:

"I understand the catering to a geeky audience, leaving it to the person to educate themselves, however, it may also be good to follow a concept attributed to Stan Lee. He always said the "every comic book is someone's first", so it is with every form of geekdom. Just something to consider. BTW it was because of such idioms and wanting to understand them, that I began to study Japanese, not just the language but also about the culture."

My response was:

"I'm more of the philosophy that if people care about it, they can learn about it. Not knowing what "otaku" or "itadakimasu" means isn't a barrier to entry, I'm sure the overarching story will make sense to a complete layman. But it's a nice nod to our target audience that we keep certain terms as they are, because vocabulary is important. Language and culture are completely entwined in a way that sometimes you can't remove one without removing the other."

I just really like the last line since it captures how I feel about the language and probably explains why I translate some things the way I do.

TN slips into a Power Rangers commercial

Congrats petrkr, your effects are just that good, man!

Thanks to the multiple people who pointed this out!



A show ends, a show starts. And that means starting over from scratch.

That means we need splashes, banner images for our forum, etc. All our usual stuff.

If you want to submit art to us, just e-mail it or post it on the forums. Thanks!

Kyou 48, finale vamola mucho released

Thanks for sticking with us for another year! Let's hope TOQ is as fun.

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