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Garo Original Series Licensed

Unsure as to what this means for our HD remaster releases at this point, we'll let you know once we know the release date. We'll give at least a week warning before pulling down our subs.


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Jyuohger 32 v2 released

Realized we forgot to include the new Super Hero Time opening, sorry! The episode itself is the same so you don't have to redownload if you don't want to.

Garo 13 Remaster + Jyuohger 32 Released

I want a giant donut too.

Please remember that first episodes take more time so Ex-Aid will be out as soon as we can but will take longer than usual.

Garo Thread / Wiki

Jyuohger Thread / Wiki

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Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost Finale!

Good riddance bye, Ghost! And helloooooo nurse doctor!

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Semi-finale! Kamen Rider Ghost 49

Hi Ex-Aid! Bye Ex-Aid!

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Kaigan! Ghost 48

That is a pretty sweet suit design

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Kamen Rider Ichigou The Movie Released



wait wrong series

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Promo Released


But Mom, I have to play video games, I'm studying for my medical exam!

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Kaigan! Ghost 46

Nightmare fuel

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Kaigan! Ghost 44


This show had better have a flipping amazing ending.

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Kaigan! Ghost 43

Adel! Cover your shame man!

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Kaigan! KR Ghost 42


Takeru, where the hell did you find a Charmander? I've been searching everywhere for one!

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Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost 41

I would probably play this game.

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KR Ghost & Drive Super Movie Taisen Genesis + Extras!

So there are a lot of goodies in this torrent pack that we've been procrastinating on saving for this release. Included are: Magazine exclusive DVD Ikkyuu Eyecon Contest, the sequel Hyper Battle DVD Awaken, My Wit!, the Youtube Rider Damashii shorts and the DVD finale to those shorts. We hope you enjoy the almost 3 hours of footage!

Movie thread | Ikkyuu Eyecon Contest thread | HBV thread | Rider Damashii thread

Ultraman Tiga Special Released!

0% Body hair

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Dai Kaigan! Ghost 38

Watch your back, Makoto.

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Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy Licensed


The Rurouni Kenshin Live Action trilogy has been licensed for distribution in the US. Funimation will release all three films in Japanese language with subtitles in U.S. theaters at the end of this summer – "Rurouni Kenshin: Origins" on August 8 - 10, "Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno" on September 12 - 14 and "Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends" on Oct 3 - 5. 

We will be pulling our releases of all three in the next week. Please support the official release. 

Funimation Official Website

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Belated: KR Ghost 35 released

This is what the gay agenda will do to your Kamen Riders: make them fabulous~

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KR Amazons 11v3 released

This is actually like v6 cause we encoded a 3rd time but still had the same problem, realized it was the splash that wasn't getting resized and therefore screwing with the resolution, encoded a 4th time and the program crashed so had to do a 5th time and that whoops had no sound so now we have the v3 which is the 6th encode in total.

It's like the little episode that just couldn't.

Or we dun goofed. Whichever you prefer.


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