Self-introduction thread

Since we've got a new influx of people, just thought it might be fun to recreate the introduce yourselves thread. I've included a poll to see what age range our fans are from. Feel free to tell us about when you found tokusatsu, #TV-Nihon, fansubbing, or just tell us about your hobbies our post pics of your pets. Whatever speaks to you

I'm take, I've been a tokusatsu user since the early 2000s. I turned 40 last October. I love all my children, but some of my favorites are Blade, Kabuto, Gaim, MagiRanger, Go-Onger, Gokaiger, Decade, Garo, Ryukendo, etc.

I'm sure a lot of people are waiting for news about our plans for the future. I know that personally, I'd like to continue translating, even if it means releasing just the subtitles or something. But when I have more formal news. I'll make a news announcement about that

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