Kaiju Sentai Jyukaizer

Jyukaizer 11 released

BTW, did you know Yellow likes curry?


Jyukaizer 10 released

What if they had a porn star play like, some kind of robot lady with some kind of ridiculous outfit? Wait, is that 2008 calling on the phone??


Jyukaizer 08 released

Giga heard you like dinosaurs


Jyukaizer 07 released

We heard you liked dino sentais

Jyukaizer 07: Thread / Wiki

Kaiju Sentai Jyukaizer 05-06 released

BTW, episode 2 has the SD and HD swapped. I'll fix it when I batch up these eps. Just easier this way.

Ep 5: Thread

Ep 6: Thread


Kaiju Sentai Jyukaizer 03-04 released

Is your sentai too well-acted? Action overwhelmingly fast and competent? Tired of following a story that has a writer behind it? Then we've got a toku for you!

Ep 3: Thread

Ep 4: Thread


Jyukaizer 01-2 released

Damn it Toei, another Dino sentai?

01: Thread / Wiki

02: Thread / Wiki

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