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Shin Godzilla soft subs available on our tracker

Just a script clean up, so you'll have to find your own raw though!

Also soft subs for Shin Ultraman, someone said the soft subs were too big, so they're a bit smaller. Since it's just a text file you can also just open it up in Notepad and edit it too

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Shin Ultraman soft sub released

So trying something a little different this time. I really liked the film and thought the captions were pretty good for the most part. But I did notice some timing errors and a typo during the viewing. So I thought I'd download the subtitles from an anonymous source, retime the script, polish up the translations, and set it up in the TV-Nihon house style. If you want to check out our subs, the link's below. You'll have to find the raw video on your own though, since the movie is licensed in America I think.

I think the easiest way to play a soft sub is to just rename the subtitles to match the video file name. I tend to play it in MPC-HC, but I'm sure there's other video players that work just as well or better.

Caption Download Link

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