Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger

I hear there's a tp shortage

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Jyuohger HD and SD batches now seeded

Thanks for your patience! Go get them while they remain seeded!

Jyuohger SD and HD batches up

The individual torrents are still up, but they'll be going away in like a day. So grab what you can and help seed the batches. Thanks!

Jyuohger Returns v2 released

Looks like a timing mistake and a missing -chan. Nothing major, but a v2 is available now!

Jyuohger VS Ninninger released (at last)

Also, the HD version has episode 19 encoded from the Blu-ray, since we only had a HD720 release for that one before.

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Oh yeah, this also comes with Doubutsu Taisen 3: Thread / Wiki

Jyuohger Final+CM and Kyuu Trailers released

Thread / Wiki

With that, please participate in the Series Rating Poll and discuss what you thought of the show in general.

KyuuRanger Trailers

Jyuohger 46 released

Looks like Yamato's actor had his 20th birthday last November around when they filmed this.

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Jyuohger 43+cm released

Sorry for the late release! Holidays and all.

We've got the Garo Blu-rays, so all those are getting done and released as we finish them. Hope everyone's having a good holiday! No Super Hero Time next week, so hopefully that'll be what we're working on.

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Jyuohger Movie Easter Eggs?

From Lizardon from the forums.

Anyone know if these two are references to anything?

Check out the things that Lizardon noticed!

Movie thread

Jyuohger 40 released

Sure... why not.

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Jyuohger 39 released

Special Guest: Date "I'm single" Akira

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Jyuohger 38 released

Happy turkey day!

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