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"Haruka and Jin: a farmed boy and a feral man. Introducing these two contrasting Amazon Riders, the distinctive characters invite you into such mysterious and dramatic stories."

" , He has spent nothing day-to-day except caring tropical fish in the aquarium."

Amazons v2 batches released

I'm a fool, forgot to archive ep 13 so it wasn't in the batch when I made them.

KR Amazons Poll results and Batches Release

4.73 out of 5 (48 votes)

Compare this to W (the next highest rating) which was a 4.68. However, W had 75 votes. So maybe Amazons' voter base had a positive bias, and the score would have leveled off if more people had voted.

Anyway, here's our Amazon batches. Will Amazons be released in America before the Blu-rays come out next year?

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Amazons Poll

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Amazons poll

I'm doing the poll thing again. Rate your favorite series!

Amazons poll going on now. Will close in a week (Sat July 16th)

Master poll list

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KR Amazons 12 v2 released

Fixing a spelling.

KR Amazons 12 released

Kobayashi Taro who sings Armour Zone.

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KR Amazons 11v3 released

This is actually like v6 cause we encoded a 3rd time but still had the same problem, realized it was the splash that wasn't getting resized and therefore screwing with the resolution, encoded a 4th time and the program crashed so had to do a 5th time and that whoops had no sound so now we have the v3 which is the 6th encode in total.

It's like the little episode that just couldn't.

Or we dun goofed. Whichever you prefer.

KR Amazons 11 sd still broken

Pretty weird. Looking into it to see what's wrong.

KR Amazons 11 v2 released

v2 released because the resolution was wrong. Sorry about that!

KR Amazons 11 released

Omuro from Agito is back!

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KR Amazons 09 released

Luna thought of a funny alternate title for this episode. Maybe we should make this a thing? Post to the thread if you think of a funny alt title.

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