Densetsu no Code Breakers - Tokusatsu inspired interactive fiction

Short info:
After a small percentage of the population develop powers, a special division is created to fight super powered threats. Five young people must fight not only their enemies, but also their individual problems and insecurities, dealing with their feelings while also protecting their world with their own lives.

A mostly kinetic episodic visual novel recommended for mature readers with some adult themes (strong language, use of alcohol and drugs, partial nudity, non-explicity sex).

Densetsu no Code Breakers is a love letter to a lot of different media that I grew up watching and reading, including japanese anime, tokusatsu and manga, american superhero comics, movies and tv shows, and obviously, visual novels. It does not feature any complex systems, the basic premise is to create episodes that play similar to an anime/tokusatsu show with short duration.

Currently the novel supports english and portuguese-br, I don't have the skills to translate it to other languages.

You can read the episodes on the page mentioned in the pic or here:



Japan World Heroes

Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA, August 16-18, 2019

Dore Kraus - Ultraman the Great
Takayuki Tsubaki - Kenzaki Kazuma - Kamen Rider Blade
Ryuji Sainei - Ban / DekaRed - Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger
Brandon Jay McLaren - Jack / SPD Red - Power Rangers SPD

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The 25th is a preview night thats why some of the fliers say 26-27. Preview night is only included with an all weekend pass.

Kiriyama Renn - Shoutarou / Kamen Rider W 

Furuya Bin - Ultraman

Kaneko Noboru - Shishi Kakeru / GaoRed, GaoRanger

Fukuzawa Hirofumi - GokaiRed suit actor and many more! 

MICHI YAMATO - Japanese suit actor and US suit actor for MaskedRider and Bettleborgs now runs the US based Tokusatsu, “Fujiyama Ichiban ”.

DORE KRAUS - Ultraman Great in Ultraman: Towards The Future

TJ Storm - mocap for ledendarys Godzilla and Colossus in the Marvel Deadpool movie. and a few surprise guests!

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