Kamen Rider Faiz

Faiz last batch released

Go get them!

Kamen Rider Faiz 50 released

So our long journey through Faiz is at an end, again. We first rereleased the DVD for our anniversary on October 16, 2007. Then we really started going at it starting with episode 2 on July 29, 2009. Now here, on March 6, 2014 almost five years later, we can say that this project is complete. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through this.

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Faiz Penultimate released

49 DVD released! Almost done!

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Faiz 48 released

Sorry about the delay on Gaim. Have some Faiz instead! Think we'll finish the DVD remakes this year?

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Faiz 47 released

Probable image source

Apparently we released it yesterday, but I only found out about it today. Let me know if there's a release without a matching front page post, since sometimes the left hand doesn't talk with the right.

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First release of the year: Kamen Rider Faiz 46 released

Looks like this drawing is by Nakayama Toru, whose done a bunch of other toku art that's pretty famous.

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Last release of the year: Faiz 45

Have a safe and happy new years everyone!

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Kamen Rider Faiz 43 released

Faiz is almost complete? Very soon, Mari will be all mine then!

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If you like this pic, check out the guy's other Faiz illustrations.

Kamen Rider Faiz 42 v2 released

Looks like some mistakes were in 42, so we released a v2. Enjoy!

Let 2003 week begin!

Five guesses as to what we've got lined up.

Faiz 41 released

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Faiz 10 years after

To celebrate, starting in January they're going to start releasing Blu-rays. Very, very expensive Blu-rays:


211 dollars for part 1 of probably 3. Probably will be the same format as the W Blu-rays I'm picking up now.


Faiz 38 released

Because Luna loves Faiz and you guys, have another episode!


Oh and Happy Friday the 13th

So it's Kaixa Day. The 10th anniversary of Kaixa Day. And Friday the 13. Make of that what you will.

X for 10! X for Kaixa!

Faiz 37 released


Also check out the previous post, since Luna translated Murakami Kohei's blog post for Kaixa Day.

10th Annual Kaixa Day!

From the blog of Kusaka Masato's actor, Murakami Kouhei-

Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa!

9/13 is Kaixa Day!

It's usually hard to talk about everyday (lol) Today is the day to shout your love for Kusaka Masato to the heavens! A ceremony for the unloved man!

Keyword is "Those humans who cannot love me are in my way!

Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Woooooooooooooo~~~!!!

2013/9/13 Kaixa Festival & Carnival 10th anniversary!!!

It's been 10 years since the "9/13 is Kaixa Day!" post on Kamen Rider 555's official homepage in 2003!

These 10 years, unchanging, unfading, and without fail. As a day to remember the work that brought me fame, a day to remember the earnest and honest feelings of that era... I roar out!!!


Let me hear all your voices!

Everyone, do you looooooove Kusaka Masato~~~???

Come on!

Give me your 10th anniversary comments!

And today at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, I will be participating in 340 Presents SPECIAL "913 Festival 3! ~10th Anniversary!!~

To the thousands of stalwart 913 fans-
Understand! Tonight will be the night of legends! 913 Festival 3 will be legendary!

All of you! Yell it with spirit! We take off for the night of legends! Come on~!!

I'll put the results of the event in tomorrow's blog! Look forward to it!

Kusa~ka Masa~to Kai~xa~~~♪

Love! Love! Lovelovelovelove!!!



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