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PrismThree 03 released

Did anyone ask for more Prism Three? Well, you're getting it anyway!

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PrismThree 01 released

Yeah we did another one of these. Don't ask me why!

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GIGA Tokusatsu 2021 batched

It's torrent cleanup time! If you were curious about GIGA's stuff, it's now all batched in one thing for your downloading pleasure.

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Dinnovator and Fontaine full theme songs released

Will probably batch all the GIGA stuff into one thing after this is released.


Mahou Bishoujo Senshin Fontaine 04 released

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That's it for GIGA tokusatsu for 2021. What did you guys think? Did you have a favorite series? Was it a successful experiment? We're running a discussion thread for that here. Vote for your favorite series!

Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver Season 2 Ep 2 released

With Toei being off this week, why not check out some GIGA toku?

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Ayakashi Toumetsuden Kougaiga Batch released

Includes a v2 for episode 4 which fixes the full opening lyrics, the full opening, and the promo.

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Wakusaver Season 2 teasers + full opening song released

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Files released:



Ayakashi Toumetsuden Kougaiga 01 released

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