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Kamen Rider Agito 29 released

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Art source: http://andicahyow.blogspot.com/

Inoue Toshiki week continues! The main writer for Faiz and Agito, Inoue is also known for writing most of Kiva and Cutie Honey.

Look forward to his new show with Garo director Amemiya Keita, Shougeki Gouraigan, in a couple of weeks.

Agito 28 released

The G3 symbol is pretty rad. If you look in the center, you can see the Japanese police symbol, the order of the rising sun. This is also known as the sakura crest as well as many other names.

This is the weird episode that's 4:3 in size. Also unusual in that it was written by Kobayashi Yasuko (main Go-Buster writer). The rest were written by Inoue Toshiki (who's writing that new show with director Amemiya Keita).

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Agito 27 released

Agito 26 released

La la la la la la~ . Agito is a kuwagata beetle.

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Agito 1-20 batch released


Ready to go, Count Zero!

Kamen Rider Agito 24 released, at last!

G3-X is one of my favorite Rider suits. It's so awesome.

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Also, don't forget about our image threads. Share 'em if you've got 'em.

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And there's always the Generic image thread

Kamen Rider Agito 23 released

Man, Super Climax Heroes is looking amazing. The recent release looks sort of like episode 22 of Agito.

Super Climax HeroesChalice

Look at this, they brought back Agito and Chalice for this game. Crazy! I'm totally supporting this game.

KR Agito 23

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Houjou Tooru 22 released

Wait, who's the star of this show again?

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Kamen Rider Agito 21 released

I've been waiting forever to use this picture.

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Speaking of the wiki, lately we've been adding Infoboxes to the side of them. Aren't they pretty? Somehow having Skittlepedia seems fitting since we sub a bunch of children's shows.

Agito 20 releaed

Whelp, that's another disc down.

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KR Agito 18 relased

Special guest: Terasoma Masaki, the voice of Kintaros himself!

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Agito 17 released

Part man, part machine, all cop.

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Kamen Rider Fourze 26 released

It's pretty cool how Fourze is an actual reunion with child actors who were on previous Kamen Rider series.

Taiichi from Agito

Amane from Blade (She was also a small guest in W too)

Suzuki Kasumi who guest starred on Kabuto and was a regular in Abaranger. What a difference 6 years makes.

So... what are you doing prom night?

Just in time for Friday the 13, Agito 13 released


It's weird to see Akiyama Rina so young. Nowadays you see her as Naomi whenever Den-O makes a guess appearance. I wonder if there'll be a fifth year anniversary movie for Den-O?


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