Rebatch: Gransazer 1-20 and Rockman Axess EXE

Pic from this page

So as it may be apparent, I'm doing some clean up with the tracker. If you missed something before, now might be a good time to grab stuff while the seeds are fresh. Oh yeah, Sazer Visual/Ran from GS is in the upcoming Goseiger movie release. Look forward to it!

Speaking of which, can someone seed the Super Link and Galaxy Force torrents? There are people downloading from them but there's no seeds. And to segway from that...

There's been news that there might be a North American DVD release for the Japanese G1 Transformers. If that happens we'll probably pull the torrents, so grab them now if you want them

Game Over: Rockman Series cancelled

In an effort to scale back on stuff, TN is backing out of the Rockman project. Maybe Zokusei will pick it up and continue it elsewhere. Rockman forums

Overall, for this year I really want to scale back on picking up new shows/series and just working on our tremendous backlog of stuff. It frustrates our fans who are waiting for it and it frustrates our staff who aren't able to work on stuff. I guess we'll see if we can keep that up. Persoanlly, if we can get some older series completed, that'd make me super happy

Holy Crap a Mega Man Movie

Apparently this is even more relevant to our projects than Street Fighter!

(Warning, it's a full length movie). But you know, give fan movies a chance. The Metal Gear one was really good. And it's just kind of cool that people can go out there and create content like that

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