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Kenshin Trilogy Batched

Sorry about the naming convention, we didn't know it would be a trilogy when the first movie was released.

Rurouni Kenshin Thread / Wiki

Kyoto Inferno Thread / Wiki

The Legend Ends Thread / Wiki

Oh yeah, I guess we're doing Ranma 1/2


...when the Blu-ray comes out in March. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live 04 released

Sailor Moon four released ze!

Kitagawa Keiko played Sailor Mars. Born August 22nd, 1986, that would make her 17 when she started PGSM. This was kind of her breakout role. Now she's a popular model and was even in Need For Speed *Tokyo Drift. She's in commercials in Japan all the time.

*Edit fix: Looks like I screwed up the movie title. It's supposed to be Fast and the Furious. The reason I made the mistake is because on the Japanese wiki, it was listed as Wild Speed 3, to which I went, "Whaaaa?"

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live 03 released

Three released!

So Hama Chisaki played the part of Mizuno Ami. Her birthday is Oct. 11, 1988, so she started the series at 14 years-old. Man, her birthday was pretty close to Sawaii Miyu's. Anyway, after PGSM I think I heard that she dropped the name and went into modeling. Now she's known as Izumi Rika and it looks like she's gotten back into acting in the last couple of years.

Looks like this is her latest blog.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live 02 released

Two! Two! Ahahaha

So in this live version of Sailor Moon, we have relative newcomer Miyuu Sawai playing Tsukino Usagi. Born Oct. 23, 1987, that means she was 15 when she started her role (Sailor Moon Live started Oct. 4) Since then, she's had some guest star roles in Rescue Force (with her ?sister Hasegawa Emi) and Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Decade & W. The first picture is of her in her role as Snow White for a stage show.

Her official website and blog.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live 01 released

Episode one discussion.

So after eight years, we're redoing this series from a DVD source. (A new, cheaper DVD bundle was released a few months ago.) Being one of our earliest and biggest projects, I think it's only fitting that we apply all we've learned over these eight years to put out a more polished product. There are new translation and editing checks, as well as redone typesetting and a push through our modern QC system. I hope you guys enjoy this new version.

PGSM revival project

So eight years ago, we started working on one of our most successful projects, the live action drama for Sailor Moon. Last month, they released a DVD pack that was a fairly good price (for Japanese DVDs at least) so I picked it up. So in our free time, we're going to be working to rerelease the show off the DVDs.

Something that I'd like to add to the show that we didn't have before is a splash screen at the front of the video. If people would like to create splash screens, please make it 640x480 in resolution and maybe have #TV-Nihon and your name in there too.

If you want to submit your splash screen, please e-mail it to me or drop it in this thread:

Also, I'd really like to clean up the scripts and put it through a modern QC process, so if we could get a QCer for this as well as Mebius, that'd be good.

Live Action movie "Rebellions"

This looks like an interesting movie in the making. Not only is there veteran tokusatsu director Koichi Sakamoto, but mah waifu Nao Nagasawa of Hurricanger, who has been making recent cameos in W and Gokai, and Minami Tsukui, who played the Hopper Dopant in W (she was in Den-O but it was a non-speaking role).

Give the video a look, see what you think. Might be an interesting future project if it turns out.

Ebi fry and nattou goth girl vs grasshopper goth girl only on pay-per-view tonight

Garo 19-25 with White Night, Red Requiem, and Kiba batch

Portent to nothing, we're releasing a Garo batch of everything that was released after the second half of the series. Guess that's it.

Resume them if you were in the middle of downloading them.

Garo spinoff: <Kiba> ~Ankoku Kishi Gaiden~ released

Garo and Kiba

So yeah, looks like there's a Garo spinoff movie. And it's pretty awesome. I'm so happy. For your pleasure, with a depth which might please you, that may surprise you, we've got a 720p HD version and a 1080p HD version.

Also, no more Garo, ever!

(P.S.: To those of you who don't get it, it's called sarcasm)

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Index for the front page tags

Garo 23 version 2 released


So I was standing on the toilet trying to hang a clock when I slipped and hit my head on the bathroom sink. When I came to, I realized there was a line incorrect in this episode. Please delete the old one and replace it with this one. I also tidied up some of the timing and made slight adjustments to some lines.

Garo 23 ver2

Rebellions Trailer

So this is a trailer for a movie that would star Nagasawa Nao (HurricaneBlue) and the goth loli Hopper Dopant from W (no typecasting there). Honestly, I think I got what I needed from the trailer itself. It's sexy and violent, it looks like a video game. Why ruin that with what would probably be a bad story that would just take away from this? Just make a music video out of it or something.

More info here:

Cutie Honey Splashes

Originally posted by Az

Bauffie Splashes:

Bauff splash Bauff splash

Lunagel Splashes:

Luna Splash Luna Splash  Luna Splash

Holy Crap a Mega Man Movie

Apparently this is even more relevant to our projects than Street Fighter!

(Warning, it's a full length movie). But you know, give fan movies a chance. The Metal Gear one was really good. And it's just kind of cool that people can go out there and create content like that

Another Street Fighter video

I like this one a bit better personally. Seems like the choreography was better

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