It's a Crimbo Miracle! Go-Busters movie released!

Man, this movie had some awesome bonuses. Like it came with this map of Tokyo that shows where all the events of the movie happened.


It also came with the script for the movie! How awesome is that? Look at this thing, it has the character and actor names. The character ages. And on the bottom, you can see all the scene numbers that they're in!

This thing is crazy too. It's only 35 pages long, so it's like a page per minute of movie time. And according to this, there are 35 scenes total. Being a script writer for toku must be a pretty sweet job.

As for the movie itself, we're only releasing the director's cut this time. We figure that most people probably wouldn't notice the difference from the theatrical cut. First audio track is stereo, second is surround, and third is commentary. If you use a shitty video player that plays all the sound tracks at the same time, then you'll need to use a different video program. The included bonus is a creditless version of the ending song.

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