It's Valentine's Day, who are your favorite toku couples?

I mean besides Tarou and Sonoi. In no particular order:

*Garren and Sayoko
*Kenzaki and Hajime
*Sakura and Aguilera
*Reika and her brother
*Fuwa and Yaiba
*Date and Gotou
*Otoya and Yuri
*Kitaoka and Gorou-chan

Couples I hate
*Misora and Grease
*Hiiro and any woman
*Taiga and Nico
*Mach and Chase
*Mai and Kouta - Should be Mai and Baron
*Megumi and Ixa
*Anyone in Faiz with anyone else in Faiz

Couples I grudgingly accept:
*Shinnosuke and Kiriko - She could do better
*Ankh and Eiji

Couples that are oops incest:
*Philip and Wakana

Couples where half is an inanimate object:
*Beast and Mayonnaise
*Deneb and candy

You can yell at me about this list on this thread