Where is so and so?


So a few issues on the forums to address. I guess people are having trouble finding files on the tracker for some of the crossover movies. For confusing stuff like that, we have stickied threads in each forum with a list of releases and information about them:

Like for Decade's we have this: http://forums.tvnihon.com/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=9219

It's the same old request to please look for information before making a new post to ask for help.

And if you can't find the crossover movie under one of the series, try checking the other one.

Finally, please don't use release threads to ask for help. Those threads are for discussing the content of the release. I don't want those filling up with useless off topic requests. If you've already looked and can't find an answer, create a new thread and use that if you're going to ask questions. Preferably under the help sections since I think those auto junk dead threads after some time.