Garo 6 DVD and W Delusion 8 released

Oikawa NaoFujita Ray

This episode had Oikawa Nao (Arisa from Ultra Seven X, Kegaresia from Go-Onger, Wasp Lady from Decade) and Fujita Ray (An orph in Faiz, purple pajama wearer in Fuuma no Kojirou)

Garo 6 released

Dopant Chart Dopant Chart

Shoutarou Delusion 8

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Garo 01 DVD released


What's there really to say. Either you're gushing all over this, or you've never heard of the show. So just watch the damn show. That is all.

Anyway, we're redoing these to celebrate the new movie coming out as well as to do a countdown to our anniversary in October. We're probably going to have to fudge it toward the end, since numbers are hard. The new version should play on your PS3 and stuff, so besides DVD quality and a solid trouncing by our QCers, there's that bonus too

Garo 01 DVD version release

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Garo Splashes?

In honor of the movie coming out this fall, we're redoing Garo from the DVDs. Does anyone want to make some splashes for us? Format should be 640x480. Should say "#TV-Nihon" and your name if you want credit on the picture. Just send them to me by e-mail when it's done. Thanks


Garo Movie Comment with Kouga and Rekka

Gymnastics are pretty cool

Garo Movie thread

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I'm thinking about doing a question and answer thing for the staff that'll be posted on the front page blog. If you have any questions, e-mail them in and I'll compile them, maybe add them to the FAQ.



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