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Punk Jack discussion thread

Everyone's favorite Halloween-chan is back!

Discussion thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for May 28th released

What is this pic? Did the Geats bad guys all get together to do a song?

KR Geats 37: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 13: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for May 21st released

Just a couple Rider gal pals who are definitely going to be okay at the end of this arc

Geats 36: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 12: Thread / Wiki


Japanese Commercials for May 14th released

"I am the final hope!"

Geats 35: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 11: Thread / Wiki

Alt caption: Wizard!

Geats 34 & King-Ohger 10 Discussion Threads

I don't know who this lady is, but cool Geats shirt...

Love Egophiliac's latest pic

Geats 34 (If you've been avoiding leaks for a week, you may unclench): Thread / Wiki

Oronamin C Short Movie Thread

King 10: Thread / Wiki

Watch out for Geats 34 spoilers

Someone leaked the episode!


Japanese Commercials for April 9th released

I'm a total sucker for stage fog.

Kamen Rider Geats 30: Thread / Wiki / Music Video

King-Ohger 06: Thread / Wiki / Dance  Lesson

Geats 27 v2

Japanese Commercials for February 26th released

Also the DonBrothers finale junction! Thanks for everything, DonBros!

Geats 24: Thread / Wiki

Don Finale: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for February 19th released

Haruka wanders into her sister's world

Edit: Links fixed, thanks Resop

Geats 23: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 49: Thread / Wiki


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