Last HeartCatch Batch released, added DX 3 SD version




Man are Blossom and Marine's proportions preposterous compared to the other Precures. I like the picture of the blue team. It kind of reminds me of Luna's Jetman fart splash. I like the pose that Moonlight is doing in the yellow team pic.

Anyway, that's all for Precure!

...unless Toei was totally lying and HeartCatch comes back for DX 4: The Quest for More Money.

Last HeartCatch Batch released, added DX 3

The big version of these pics can always be downloaded from our photobucket account:

Precure Drawings


This site is pretty neat:

If you click on the picture, you can watch the person draw it.

Precure DX 3 HD released


HD release

I went a little nuts with the Blu-ray screencaps. Anyway, they're all on the TN photobucket so feel free to download them. They're 1920 x 1080 in resolution if you choose the download original size option. Check it out.

Precure DX 3 SD released

All StarsSD toy

Wrapping up another series. This time we've got Precure DX 3 and its dance in SD format. HD later.

The let's go kamen rider parody pic from this site, probably:

I thought these SD figures were cute, so I scanned them too.

Last HD Precure Batch is up

Precure Precure

Includes the movie and all the other good stuff. The bonus footage either has the HD version of the SD files or a copy of the SD file, so if you grab all the HD batches, you should have at least one type of all the files without needing to mess with the SD batches.

And that should keep us set up until DX 3 comes out.

Precure All Star Kirakira Oshare DVD

So I kind of picked this up without knowing what it was. Going through it, it appears to be a home DVD version of the Data Carddass game. Obviously it's not interactive in the same way, but they do use DVD menu tricks to give you some options and customize your "game" somewhat. As such, there's footage of the opening and ending for HeartCatch several times throughout the video. But there's some footage featuring other Precures and songs from the other series, so it was still a pretty interesting watch. Guess that'll be it for Precure, just this and DX3 which comes out this summer.

Forum thread

Chock full of useful links for your favorite group

HeartCatch Precure Musical Show?

Mizuki Nana Mizuki Nana

Kind of wanted to release this with the anime finale, but oh well. Two or three weeks after the fact is still good!


Not representative of the musical Not representative of the musical

Cure Marine cosplay / Cure Blossom cosplay

Precure Batches on the roll


Another HD batch has gone out, this one includes more episodes and the DX2 movie with the bonus dance video.

Also wrapped up what we had for Yes Precure in a nice batch.

And also... No wait, that's all. Just two batches.

Kudou Mayu on Music Japan

A calendar to count down the last episodes of HeartCatch

HeartCatch Paradise!

HeartCatch Precure 47 released

Precure Precure

HeartCatch 47 released

The Word: Hikkomijian 引っ込み思案 【ひっこみじあん】 (n) shy, withdrawn
Kind of a lot of kanji in this one. The kanji that compose it are "to pull" "within" "thought" and "stability". You see where this is going?

HeartCatch Precure 46 release

HeartCatch HeartCatch HeartCatch HeartCatch

HeartCatch 46 released

The word:
Munashii 空しい 【むなしい】 (adj) vacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless, (P)
Thought this would be an interesting word to mention because the kanji for that means sky usually, but it's also used for space/vacuum

New Years SD version 2 released


Version one cuts off at the end

HeartCatch Precure New Years Eve Live Rocking Party Festival...

As performed by...

Mizuki Nana, a pretty cute lady in her own rights... and...

Some of these girls? Maybe? I dunno, ABC123 or something. I don't even know if the girls in this video are in this picture. Do you?


And including Queen from Kamen Rider W


No OOO, HeartCatch, or Goseiger Jan 2, 2011

Hero card

Before we get to the New Years, I'd just like to remind everyone that there's no weeklies next week. New episodes air again January 9th

How about reading a good book in the meantime?

New Year's Eve release: HeartCatch Precure 45 released

Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Sorry, no doujin this week. Have some stuff I found while looking for splash material

HeartCatch 45 Maybe we have something else planned for New Year's Eve?

The Word:
Onshitsu 温室 【おんしつ】 (n) greenhouse, (P)
From the kanji for "warm" and "room". Makes sense to me


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