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Ninninger 17 & CM & Special DVD released

It's summer! That means it's hot! Get a special DVD with this week's ep! (Got to love the lanterns also have a shuriken design on them.)

Ep 17: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr
Special DVD: Thread / Wiki

Low turnout last week for Goseiger. They also received a subpar 2.8 out of 5.

I think this one will have a better turnout. What did you think of Shinkenger?

Goseiger Movie 1080p version released

Za Movie

Azazel has heard your cries for more Goseiger (especially Luna's) and thus he has bestowed upon you a 1080peed up version. Peed up? Verbing weirds language.

199 Heroes released

Now I can use these pics. Have you counted up all the former Sentai guest appearances yet? And can you count up all 199 heroes?

I also made some screencaps from the creditless ending. You can download them here or from our Photobucket account.

Last Goseiger Batch HD released

And so the Gosei Angels completed their mission and returned back to the stars.

Goseiger 35-50 and other stuff SD batch released


I don't really know who these women are, but it appears to be Goseiger related.

In addition to the TV series, this also includes the movie, some Dice-O stuff, and some toy stuff. As well as the low quality music video featuring NOB, the guy who did the Boukenger opening.

Another batch will be released that will cover the Versus stuff.

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Dice-O December 2010 released


One last thing to get out of the way before releasing the Goseiger batch.

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Goseiger Returns and Versus Theater Series Versus Theater SD released


Goseiger Last Epic And more stuff like toy commercials, the music video promo for the opening, and movie trailers that come with the DVD. Note: The HD release will have the same SD files. That's because Goseiger Returns was a DVD-only release. No Blu-ray. Thanks Toei. So some files will be duplicated if you get both torrent batches.

Plus we released the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater SD version. (HD coming up, I just wanted to stagger the releases.) Fair warning, they do talk about the movies and the shows they're based on, so there's some spoilers. But if you like Sentai, hopefully you'll enjoy the tour that the Goseigers take us through.

Edit: If you don't know what the Super Sentai Versus Theater thing is. It's simply the Sentai Versus movies chopped up into half hour chunks and then aired before the Goseigers in the morning. So the Goseigers hosted the intro and outro to the show, this is the part that we've subbed.

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Versus Theater: GekiRanger Vs Boukenger HD Release


So we released the Versus Theater version of Geki Vs Bouken. For those of you who don't know, during Goseiger they aired the Versus movies as half hour episodes with the Goseigers introducing the movies. Since Geki Vs Bouken was filmed in HD, we were able to release this TV edit version.

Since the others just use the black bars (4:3 aspect ratio), we're not going to release the main films (a lot of which are series that we haven't worked on anyway) but we are planning to do the Goseiger intros, so look forward to that in the future.

Geki Vs Boukenger HD release

Goseiger Movie released


Epic on the Movie!
With Ran from GranSazers as a guest star. Always nice to see those guys get some work

This pic is a promo for the Goseiger Returns thing in June. Look forward to it!

Gosei 43-50 HD... released sometime in the future

So we got some raws for 43-50. Expect HDs of them coming up sometime in the future. Looks like we're missing some episodes inbetween, so let us know if you know where to get them.

We're also still looking for a personal HD raw provider for the group as well.

Goseiger Finale released


Goseiger 50 released Thanks for watching this with us over the last year!

Tensou Sentai Goseiger 49 released

Women in the front, men in the back!


The word:
Kaishoku 皆既蝕 【かいきしょく】 (n) total eclipse (of sun by moon), totality
From the kanji "total", "previously/already", and "to eat into (by worms), spoil". Yup, that sun is just a big apple waiting to be eaten

Question corner:
Q. Who is Mark Musashi?
A. He's this great tokusatsu stuntsman that has been in many of the shows that we've previously subbed. He did Rider stunts for The First, was Zero and the butler in Garo. He even shows up unmasked as Duke whats his face in Cutie Honey and Peace in Sh15uya

Goseiger 48 released


It's the final countdown! Da da da. Da da da da!

The word:
Gishiki 儀式 【ぎしき】 (n) ceremony, rite, ritual, service, (P)

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