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Stop SOPA and PIPA

If you live in the United States, please take the time today to contact your local Congressmen to get these bills struck down and shot in the head so they don't come back as zombies. Whether you're Democrat or Republican or Bull Moose, now is the time to come together to protect what really matters - our freedom of speech.

And fansubbing.

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's underlying infrastructure. The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to block users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs....It gets worse: the blacklist bills' provisions would give corporations and other private parties new powers to censor foreign websites with court orders that would cut off payment processors and advertisers. Broad immunity provisions (combined with a threat of litigation) would encourage service providers to overblock innocent users or even block websites voluntarily. This gives content companies every incentive to create unofficial blacklists of websites, which service providers would be under pressure to block without regard to the First Amendment.

Service providers would be forced to monitor and police their users' activities as well, threatening the DMCA safe harbors that have been vital to online innovation over the last decade. SOPA gives the government new powers to go after sites that provide information about tools that might be used to bypass the blacklists – even though these are often the same tools used by democratic activists around the world to bypass Internet censorship mechanisms implemented by authoritarian governments like Iran and China.

-From wiredforchange

You can email your congressman at the link above or sign Google's petition first and then email them at this link.


When uploading files for DDL, stop using the money-making sites

Gist: Making money off stuff you download for free that's supposed to go out for free with no strings attached: Kinda not cool.

From the DDL staff: "I only really ask this as the amount of pay per download links per ep is just getting stupid, its getting on for 10 per ep, and we struggle to get the standard megaupload links in, while I can understand for the countries that have banned Megaupload, the ratio is just becoming a joke"

We need services that'll last a while and do a good job at hosting our files. My personal experience with the money-making file sites are awful in terms of ads/pop-ups/wait times/speeds. There are better services than these. If you're going to submit DDL links, please do it for the good of the community.


T-N Facebook stats

So Az compiled some statistics regarding our Facebook page. Check them out if you want.


Server Donations

It's that time of year again.  We need to pay for our server.  The goal this year is $600 USD.  The donation button is on both the front page and the torrent tracker.

Thank you to both the future and past donors for your kindness.

-The Server Administration Team℠


Asianet users from Thailand having trouble using our tracker?

Some number of people using Asianet apparently are having trouble downloading from our tracker recently. I don't know if we found a solution, but here's a thread about it:


How about some new QCers?


First, it's been a week. So here's my thoughts on OOO as a whole.

So let's talk getting new QCers. QC does the reviewing of the subtitles and providing feedback/corrections. It seems like a simple job, but it really is work.

The ideal candidate would be able to make time for our work. It's a fun job, but we still expect you to do a good job. That means doing things in a reasonable amount of time, following instructions well, and being good at communicating. If you don't do a good job, thanks for the interest and no hard feelings, but I'm throwing you out of the group, simple as that. In that sense, if you're under twenty and have never had any sort of responsibility in your life before, you're probably not a good candidate for this.

They must be observant to find mistakes and creative enough to offer suggestions of their own. Knowing Japanese is a plus. Having a good grasp of English is kind of essential. If you're kind of anal and like to find fault in others, great, that's the best.

I mean, it's a labor of love. You join up because you want to add your contribution to make our releases as best as possible. If you've read all this and this sounds like something you're interested in doing, please send me a forum PM (To takenoko) with about about a page of writing to describe yourself, your work style, why you think you'd be good at this job, etc. Don't e-mail me to apply, those will be thrown out for not following instructions and because we do most our work through the forums. So an account is necessary.

Welcome back. Looks like the forums are back again


And here we see a slight update to the front page links. What do you think about this Commentator Urataros?


It's the Internet, people

Rainbows and love and kisses
So over the past, let's say week, we've been getting weird visits from people who come to our channel to check our group out to check out our people. I think any reasonable person would go, "That's weird..." right?

I mean, I can understand it if people don't like the way we translate certain things or don't like the way we encode our videos. Those guys are probably just not our target audience. Which is fine, right? There's really no real way to please everyone. But the folks who have been coming have been acting like they were visiting a den of the insane to see if one of us would lurch at them and snap at their nose.

As far as our fansubber to public relation goes, I see it as, "We put out Japanese shows with subtitles, you guys download and watch them." And that's kind of it. Regardless of who compose of our staff, we're all pretty much dedicated to doing a pretty good job at that. Regarding who are staff our and what our personalities are like, I don't know what people are saying about us, but if it's something that questions our morals or our character, I just don't see it as being true? How well does the person who you're listening to know us anyway?

It's great if guys come in, chat with us for a bit, see that we're just regular dudes and dudettes just like any other people, but I'm concerned that there are people who take what's being said at face value and just assuming it to be true.

Not to sound cynical or anything, but aren't there people out there who would benefit from libeling us, thus pushing people toward their friend's sites or whatever? You just have to look at your source material and think about things like "How does what they're saying benefit them?" "What biases are inherit in their opinion?" "How true does the information sound? Does it sound like he's had any real interaction with the staff?" "Does this really matter for my toku/anime watching experience?" and of course "Is this guy I'm listening to an asshole, insane, a jerk, an Internet troll, a rumor monger, or something of the like and should I really care what he's saying?"

Basically: We put out fansubs. If you like it, great. If you don't, that's fine too. And we're just regular people and fans of these shows just like you guys are. It should be no surprise that not everything you hear on the Internet is true.


Thanks guys

I've been receiving a lot of very nice, supportive e-mails over the last day or so. This has been very surprising since it's kind of like, "Huh? What's going on? Did something happen?"

I guess people are responding to the e-mail that I posted yesterday. Sure, it was kind of rudely written, but I didn't post it to garner sympathy. I work in customer service, I'm used to dealing with rude people all the time. To be honest, I just wanted to respond to the points the guy made and sort of explain the reasoning behind why we do things the way we do.

The outpouring of support is very touching and appreciated. Don't worry, the e-mail didn't put us in a bad mood or ruffle our feathers or anything. We do stuff that a lot of people watch and the response is all over the spectrum. It's just par for the course.

So once again, thanks for the unexpected positive letters. I'm going to make a post on the forum to share them with others. It's all very appreciated.


About #TV-Nihon
Index for the front page tags


Adding splash pics to our photobucket account

We've gotten a lot of great art for our splash screens. Thank you to all you creative people out there. They're beautiful and we appreciate the work that goes into them.

Now you too can enjoy them in one place! So far I've added the Kamen Rider pics in my splash folder. I think I moved some of them to other folders, but there's a lot of them there. Enjoy!

Edit: I'm adding more as I go along. So maybe check the photobucket account from time to time over the next few days.


So I created an index for the front page tags

Now you can go back and easily find older posts, should you ever want to do so.


Tag Index

An index for the tags for the front page (since the switch to the new front page style).

-Site News -Actor -News
-People -Serious Business -Rumors
-Holidays -Anniversary
-Art -Contest
-Translation musings -Overthinkingit -Random

Release related terms:
-HD -Batches -Movie -Director's Cut
-Music (Videos) -Radio
-Commercials -Promos -Toys

-Live Action -JDorama

Kamen Rider




Site problems

Looks like the site is having issues. Might want to write your posts in notepad just in case it doesn't go through


Status for Gokaiger 14 HD

So the guy who usually encodes the HD for Gokaiger had to go offline Saturday because of power outages. He hasn't been online since then, so we don't really know what's going on. Some steps are being made, so hopefully there'll be an encode within the next couple of days regardless. Thanks for your patience guys!

Also, let's all take a moment to think about our soldiers on this Memorial Day.


Problems connecting to the tracker?

We recently switched servers, so if you're having trouble connecting to the site (and use something like Peerblock) you'll need to add the new IP to your exception list

Also, would you kindly check out the Gokaiger fan art thread and add some content to it?


Server Downtime!

There will be some server downtime tonight as I transfer everything over to the new server.  The process will take a couple hours.  Once this is done, the site will be up for most people fairly quickly; however, for some it may take up to 24 hours for the site to come back up.

Edit:  By tonight, I mean the early morning of 5/21 in the central daylight timezone.

While I'm at it, can I get some seeds for our unseeded torrents?

Looks like JustiRiser and Rescue Fire need seeding. Poor third party toku series. In the two party system of Kamen Rider and Sentai, is there no love for a third series candidate?


Boring site admin stuff

About the forums

I just want to remind people to label their spoiler tags. Also, if you get a warning, that's just me sending you a message. Don't throw a fit just because you got one.

About bootlegs

A lot of the shows that we've subbed have never been released on DVD in America. If they had been, we'd have pulled it for being licensed. Most of these DVDs are Hong Kong bootlegs. Someone wrote in to me saying he watched the fansubbed versions, then bought some DVDs, with the following results:

they turned out to be only comprehensible enough to follow the stories, and there are mistakes of every sort throughout; characters referred to incorrectly, confusing English sentence structure, etc. (Not to mention that, on more than one disk for Ultraman Mebius, the opening menu is actually from Ultraman Max even though it contains the episodes for Mebius.)

Some signs that your DVD may be bootlegged: Show isn't licensed outside Japan, DVD is all region, comes with Chinese subtitles, poor video quality (maybe have a clock in the corner, like they do in TV broadcasts), the videos are actually from fansubbed material, parts are chopped out (to take out the fansubber credits).

There are a lot of ways to stream your videos to your TV nowadays. If you have a modern TV or gaming device, you can usually just drop a video on a USB stick and play it from there. There's no real reason to buy bootlegged versions of stuff that we're putting out for free.

Garo spinoff

Looks like one's in the works



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