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KR Outsiders ep.1 Ouja's Return discussion thread

Have you guys seen this yet? It's more a sequel/spin-off of Ryuki. But yeah, use the Outsiders format to just bring back fan favorites. Why not?

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Rider Time Kamen Rider Ryuki 01 released

Only H720 since that's the resolution of our raw. When it comes out on Blu-ray we can redo it for a proper 1080p release.

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Commercial Pack Jan 2019

I know these aren't super popular, but they're usually pretty fun. If you just want a bunch of little videos to amuse you, please check it out!

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Ryuki OP and first battle karaoke released

Just wanted to show how the final results will look from the Blu-ray. Just for full disclosure, Ryuki is a series that was upscaled to Blu-ray and wasn't filmed in HD originally. You may wonder what that means.

That means if you look real closely, you might see that the footage doesn't look as good as say Kabuto will when we release it from Blu-ray next month (since from Hibiki onwards, Kamen Rider was all filmed in HD). So there's a little artifacting in the blue and there's not as much detail in Ren's face as there should be. But it's still going to be a better quality release than from our DVD source.

When released on DVD, they took the original footage (not sure what resolution it was) and compressed it down to 720x480, then that's resized to 16:9 ratio so it's widescreen. Our original releases were what, 704x396 using the xvid codec, I think?

What Toei did was they took their original footage and upscaled it so that it's 1920x1080. Don't get me wrong, this isn't like taking the DVD footage and resizing it to 1920x1080. You can't create details out of nothing and that would look really bad. They took their footage (which was likely higher resolution than DVD) and professional upscaled it. So it's not going to look as good as if it originally were HD, but it looks fine in motion.


Help qcing Ryuki for blu-ray?

I'd like to convert our scripts for Blu-ray. Can I get some volunteers to do some QC work on them? E-mail me at the contact us tab above if you're interested. Be sure to include a nick for how you want to be credited.

Ryuki getting a Blu-ray collection

Guess we know what's coming after Faiz. First set comes out July 11.



Ryuki Cards

I felt like finding some nice quality Ryuki card scans, so I got some and put them on the wiki:


If anyone has any higher quality scans of the following, would you please upload them somewhere? Thanks:

Odin's Survive Card
Ryuga's Guard Vent
Return Vent


Speaking of Ryuki


Look at how mature he looks now.

Release 3000: Kamen Rider Ryuki Theatrical Cut HD

Man, three thousand releases. Nothing like an anniversary to give you a sense of how much time has passed.

I think this is cause for celebration. Few groups ever make it this far and I think we just get better as more time passes. We're always learning more, making improvements, gaining experience. In a world where there's so much unnecessary ugliness, I think it's really important to be doing something positive. Just do stuff to make other people happy once in a while. That's important.

I'm really proud of the work my collaborators and I have been doing. Unfortunately, I really think people give me too much credit for the stuff that comes out. Fansubbing isn't something that you can do really well by yourself. The collision of different ideas and collection of knowledge really makes the end result that much better.

Timers help get the project started off. Just having a script pretimed helps a great deal with efficiently going through and translating the material. We couldn't do all that we could do without them.

Typesetters give the subs that magical spark. If you notice it, it's probably too much, but overall, just a little creativity and a good usage of colors and fonts can really make a sub come alive. As a translator, I don't really think we should be altering the experience too much from how the Japanese experience the show, but if we can capture a feeling or enhance something that's there, then that's really good.

My fellow translators. That's right, I don't translate everything for this group. And translation is hard work. Capturing all the ideas in a Japanese sentence isn't a simple one-to-one swap with English.

Editors and QCers really fill in the other half of the script. They catch mistakes, offer improvements that usually make the translation a lot better. They offer ideas and insights that one person could never have thought of. If there's any group whose credit I take too much for, it's probably this group. The script is just that much better for it.

And in a few months we'll have cause to celebrate yet again...

3000 releases (Google Doc Spreadsheet)

3000 releases thread

Episode Final: Thread / Wiki

Oh yeah, if you want to join up, just send me a forum PM and let me know what you'd like to do.

Join the User Group on the forums

What do the names Kabuto, Decade, Accel, Odin, and Chalice evoke when you hear them? Badassery? Coolness? Power and style? Exactly.

That's why I'm starting a new forum group to encapsulate these badass heroes. In case people aren't aware, if you go to the forum User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups in the side menu. You'll see a list of open groups that you can join. If you set one as your default group, that can sometimes give you a special image above your avatar.

This will be a group for manly men like these. Something that captures the core of who they are and what they fight for...

Their little sisters.

Terui Ryuu, Kanzaki Shirou, Aikawa Hajime, Tendou Souji, and Kadoya Tsukasa. Entire plotlines for the TV series and movies have been about their relationships with their little sisters. Little sister is power! Cuteness is justice!

Is this little sister apprecation day? Maybe!

And so, Imouto Rider Group, start!

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