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RIP Sonny Chiba

Saw it here first:


Obviously the man was a legend. Starred in so many famous martial arts movies. Perhaps most notable in the west as Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill. I didn't know he was a founder for JAE though, thanks Himitsu Sentai Blog!

He was on Space Sheriff Shaider. Even we had an encounter with him. He was in Legend of the SEven Monks/Master of Thunder in a cameo role, which also had Kinoshita Ayumi in it

I remember when people used to spread rumors that Chiba Reiko was his daughter lol

Anyway, the guy was a legend and it's sad to lose him

Forum Thread

More left-handers

Arai Yuusuke (was recently in Garo)
Hamada Haruki Tsurugi Hiryuu (But ChangeDragon was right-handed)
Kamen Rider Sigurd
Kataoka Tsurutaro Honganji Jun
Kojima Yoshio recently in garo
Kotobuki Minako Naria's voice
Oguri Shun was in Densha Otoko and many other shows
Okamoto Jirou suit actor
Sakurada Dori New Den-O
Shimizu Rara Young Kagura
Shinkawa YuaPhantom Thief Pink Buster
Tanaka Youji was in Garo
Tsuda Kanji Editor in Chief for Ryuki and many other shows
Warabino Tomoya Heart Roidmude
Yoshii Rei Rinna
Yoshiki Risa Sakurada Rika and alt world Pink Buster

So yeah, if you're left-handed, Drive was the show to be on.

Wiki -


Call to the lefties

Hey, I'm making a list of Japanese actors and actresses who are left-handed. So far I've got:

Hara Mikie (Cutie Honey)
Matsuzaka Tori (ShinkenRed)
Morita Suzuka (Shinken Yellow)
Sakurada Dori (New Den-O)
Yoshii Rei (Rinna from Drive)

Does anyone know any other ones?


Voice actor Ohira Toru passes away

Voice actor Ohira Toru recently passed away on April 12th. He was 86.

He did narration work from GoRanger up to ZyuRanger. He also voiced the Emperor on OhRanger, as well as was the Japanese dub voice for Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, and Fred Flintstone.


Mark Musashi appears on Shield again?

Season 3 Episode 8

Previous appearance on Season 2 episode 6:

If it's not him, it sure as hell looks a lot like him:

If you want to see it animated: ... -on-agents


RIP Izumi Masayuki AKA Kiba Yuuji from 555

Looks like he died of some illness. He was 35.

We'll remember you as the fantastic actor who played a beloved role in 555.


Belated birthday to Mamoru Asana

Day late, but happy birthday to  Mamoru Asana

She played Cleric Jiiru on Garo -Makai no Hana-.

Birth Date: May 4, 1990 (age 25)

So I'm trying a new series on my blog. Actor birthdays.


Oh hi Mark

Mark Musashi was on Agents of Shield last night!


Toku Birthdays

Totally forgot we had this, thanks to the person who updated it recently:

Missed birthdays this month:

April 2, 1969 (age 45) Ogawa Atsushi Sawaki Tetsuya from Agito

April 3, 1992 (age 22) Sano Gaku Kamen Rider Gaim

April 4, 1991 (age 23) Koike Yui GokaiPink

April 7, 1965 (age 49) Kobayashi Yasuko Writer

April 11, 1991 (age 23) Mano Erina Misaki Nadeshiko from Fourze

April 13, 1984 (age 30) Mizushima Hiro Kamen Rider Kabuto

Upcoming birthdays:

April 19, 1964 (age 49) Tasaki Ryuuta Director

April 23, 1980 (age 33) Kuon Sayaka Momoi Reiko from Ryuki

April 24, 1990 (age 23) Shimizu Kazuki GokaiGreen

April 26, 1989 (age 24) Misaki Ayame Saotome Miki from Cutie Honey the Live, Escape from Go-Busters

April 29, 1961 (age 52) Tachiki Fumihiko Voice Actor, GaiaMemory and Rouse Absorber voice
April 29, 1983 (age 30) Shiratori Yuriko Hana from Den-O

Congratulations! Happy birthday!

Congrats to Nao for being engaged!

Apparently she's going to marry some soccer guy after dating for a year and 4 months.

Happy birthday to Eitoku! January 16.

Looks like he's 36. What a young guy he is compared to the others!

I didn't know Eitoku had returned from his injury. Hurray!


Happy Birthday Okamoto Jiro

49 years old today and still suit acting. Let's just hope we're in such good shape at that age.

10th Annual Kaixa Day!

From the blog of Kusaka Masato's actor, Murakami Kouhei-

Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa!

9/13 is Kaixa Day!

It's usually hard to talk about everyday (lol) Today is the day to shout your love for Kusaka Masato to the heavens! A ceremony for the unloved man!

Keyword is "Those humans who cannot love me are in my way!

Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Woooooooooooooo~~~!!!

2013/9/13 Kaixa Festival & Carnival 10th anniversary!!!

It's been 10 years since the "9/13 is Kaixa Day!" post on Kamen Rider 555's official homepage in 2003!

These 10 years, unchanging, unfading, and without fail. As a day to remember the work that brought me fame, a day to remember the earnest and honest feelings of that era... I roar out!!!


Let me hear all your voices!

Everyone, do you looooooove Kusaka Masato~~~???

Come on!

Give me your 10th anniversary comments!

And today at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, I will be participating in 340 Presents SPECIAL "913 Festival 3! ~10th Anniversary!!~

To the thousands of stalwart 913 fans-
Understand! Tonight will be the night of legends! 913 Festival 3 will be legendary!

All of you! Yell it with spirit! We take off for the night of legends! Come on~!!

I'll put the results of the event in tomorrow's blog! Look forward to it!

Kusa~ka Masa~to Kai~xa~~~♪

Love! Love! Lovelovelovelove!!!


Shoko-tan finally stars in a toku movie

Nuigurumaa-Z (Without the Z, it's the Japanese word for "teddy bear")

Looks like wacky fun. Plus she gets to wear a pink costume.

Nao kicking butt as always

Saw this at Kotaku, I guess Nao did a series of these pictures to promote the movie The Grandmaster.

Go to their site to see more

Who is that actor?

Playing a little game. Feel free to come up with your own questions:

New Itazura No Kiss has some toku actors

The main girl is played by Miki Honoka (human form of Mezool from OOO) and one of the main guys is Yamada Yuuki (GokaiBlue). Neat!


Makeshift wiki page


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