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DaiRanger movie rereleased

I heard it wasn't on the DVD box set, so this should be okay, right? Sorry, I meant to put this back sooner.

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Power Morphicon 5


"Pasadena, CA - Power Morphicon, the social Power Rangers convention, is proud to announce its first wave of guests for their fth show in 2016. Super Sentai and Henshin actors Yuuta Mochizuki, Seiju Umon, Reiko Chiba, Takumi Hashimoto and Keiichi Wada will be making the trip from Japan to Pasadena, California next year."
Mochizuki Yuuta, best known for his role as Geki/TyrannoRanger, from Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger, will be making his second appearance at Power Morphicon.
Umon Seiju was Goushi/MammothRanger.
Chiba Reiko played Mei/ PteraRanger. After Zyuranger, Chiba made her J-Pop debut as a member of Aurora Gonin Musume. Chiba’s voice work includes playing herself in the anime movie Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and the voice of Cham Cham in the Samurai Showdown video game series.
Hashimoto Takumi played Boi/Tiger Ranger. He later provided the voice of KingRanger, in Chouriki Sentai OhRanger and Iwamoto Jirou in Denji Sentai MegaRanger.

Wada Keiichi played Ryou/RyuuRanger. He also played Sakakibara Kouichi on Ryuki, Oobuchi on Rescue Force, and Sieg on GoGo V.

Licensed daaa!

We'll be pulling them soon.

Sooo, let's put this poll up, What did you think of DaiRanger?

Edited article title to be a lot better.

DaiRanger Movie HD released

Toei, Blu-rays for everything. Do it now.

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Shouji - 69 Years old

Kazu - 70 Years old

Ryou - 73 Years old

Daigo - 74 Years old

Rin - 68 Years old

DaiRanger 38-50 batch released

Remember to resume with the batch if you were downloading the individual torrents.

Also, Mag pointed out some amusing trivia about DaiRangers from the Japanese wiki.

Dairenjaa Dairen-Ou, the Dairen is the Japanese pronunciation of Dalian, a region in China. Apparently it was originally going to be called Daikenja 大拳者 (Big Fist person).

There was a false long going rumor that it was going to be called Chuuka Sentai Chinaman (chuuka = Chinese, so that's redundant) but apparently that was debunked recently in the Super Hero Taihen net videos.

In the 90s they stopped making Sentai movies. In 1994 with DaiRanger, they did their first Super Hero Fair (ZO or J, Dai, and some Metal Heroes guy movie).

DaiRanger 19-37 Batch released

The funny thing is, I was in the middle of uploading this torrent 2-3 weeks ago when the site went down.

DaiRanger 48 released

Last three!

Let's see if Kaku's actor has been in anything else. Oh hey, it looks like he was in a modern toku. Let's see...

What?! He was in Faiz? I don't remember that at all! How can this be?!

He was Hanagata?! What?!

Oh my God, he even has the same headband! Hanagata is just Kaku without the facial hair! He's the same role, just recolored!

No!!! Whhhhhy?!

Last call for final DaiRanger Splash

640x480 resolution. Thanks!

DaiRanger 40 released


Probably the last release of the year for some of you. DaiRanger 40 released. Ten left.

So that's release 2843. Our first release of the year was 2628, so that was 215 releases this year. Seems like kind of a low number considering it seems like we did a lot of different things this year.

Front page pic from this site: http://denshinbashira.blog76.fc2.com/

See you next year when we finish this (and hopefully more) series off.


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