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Happy 30th birthday, Hirata Yuka!


I only remember because someone on 2chan noted it.

Man, she's going to be retiring soon, isn't she?


Versus Theater: GekiRanger Vs Boukenger HD Release


So we released the Versus Theater version of Geki Vs Bouken. For those of you who don't know, during Goseiger they aired the Versus movies as half hour episodes with the Goseigers introducing the movies. Since Geki Vs Bouken was filmed in HD, we were able to release this TV edit version.

Since the others just use the black bars (4:3 aspect ratio), we're not going to release the main films (a lot of which are series that we haven't worked on anyway) but we are planning to do the Goseiger intros, so look forward to that in the future.

Geki Vs Boukenger HD release

Gokaiger 7 released


Won't you join me in a trip back in time? Let's just hop back in my time travel device and we'll go back to the year 2007. On an unrelated note, we released a Goukaiger episode

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Nanji 汝 【なんじ】 (n) (arch) you
If used nowadays it's kind of dismissive, so don't do that

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