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Gokaiger 09 released

Ahim and Marvelous

Gokaiger 9 test simulation has begun

The word:
Otazunemono お尋ね者 【おたずねもの】 (n) wanted man, person sought by the police
A big one this time. But the nice thing about Japanese is that you can usually break it down into component parts. Like mono in this case means "person". And tazuneru just means "to ask". The o is just the politeness prefix. How many other words can you think of in Japanese that end in -mono? (Kind of a tricky question, since mono with a different kanji means "thing")

About #TV-Nihon

Other stuff: We're aware that there's some problem with the Gosei vs Shinken HD release. I tried reencoding the audio, taking out a stream, adding a stream, etc. but all I can do at this point is just reencode the video. It plays fine on my PC, but I've received reports that it doesn't on others, and it doesn't play on the PS3 at all. So I'm looking into that.

Also, Shout Factory has announced that they're doing Transformers Masterforce and Victory, so please pull those torrents, remove those files from distribution so that we can support their efforts. Thanks!

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