Kamen Rider Kiva

KR Kiva Movie DC HD v2 released

V2 released to fix the broken framerate of the first one.

KR Drive 36 & CM released

Brain-sama is thrilllled!

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Kiva got a surprisingly high 3.7 with 60 votes. I'm surprised!

Do people still love Den-O?

Kamen Rider IXA released



So someone took the fansubs that we put out there with no strings attached, and cut them up to make a Kamen Rider show that has no present day stuff. This is infuriating!

No wait, I mean, this is hilarious. Good job to that guy!

Kiva HD release batch complete


I guess we released this? Who knew?

Pic from Oving's site. Fantastic artist. Just don't look at the adult version of his stuff, unless you're into that sort of thing: http://oving.jp/gallery/n/

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