Any programmer types out there?

Right now, our main series page and episode pages draw upon a single file for various pieces of data like date, title, writer, director, etc. So each variable gets a separate call to the data file, which I find wasteful.

What I'm wondering is:
1) Is there a data structure that can fit multiple components like date, title, etc.? It'd be nice if we only had to draw out one data set per episode.
2) Can that data set be stored temporarily for a page and be accessed multiple times to fill in the various fields?



Yes, we do have a wiki

Please consider using it! We try to have a good trivia section. The side bar and front page are a good place to start.

If you post on our forums and can't remember a character name. The wiki is linked at the top so you can double check it. The episode article is also linked from each episode thread, so feel free to check it out once you've seen it. That's what I like to do with IMDB after watching a movie. Sometimes there's no trivia at all, but sometimes, there's some great inside stuff. But we can't know it all, so that's why we need people's help.

Some of the info stuff and writing needs editing though. Because of that, we can really use more writers and editors. It's pretty free form. People just work on whatever interests them, whether it be actor info, series info, or whatever. We can probably use more pictures, better style formatting, a review of the episode summaries, etc.

Registered users are preferrable, but not necessary. You can just edit it without registering.

If you have any questions, hit the Discussion tab at the very top and post there. Or you can post to our forum dedicated to editing the wiki:

Wiki Editor's forum

Added image buttons to wiki, Rider bot page has icons now

Added icons to the TV-Nihon wiki. Hopefully it'll make navigation a bit easier. I also cleaned up some of the informational link articles.

Also, check out Hariken's icons for the Rider page for his IRC bot. Pretty sweet, he made those icons himself.


More April Birthdays

Someone added some more April birthdays, hurray!

April 1, 1989 (age 25) Sugimoto Yumi Go-On Silver

April 2, 1980 (age 34) Tomoi Yuusuke Kamen Rider Gills

April 6, 1975 (age 39) Ito Makoto Suit actor

April 8, 1994 (age 20) Ogoe Yuuki Ramon from Kiva

April 9, 1975 (age 39) Amano Kousei Kamen Rider Garren, Libra Zodiarts


More wiki stuff: Articles about guest actors

Per someone's suggestion, I've created some more pages for listing guest actors for Kamen Rider and Sentai:

The latter is just a more generic version of the Sentai-only article above.

Remember you don't need to sign in to edit the wiki. Try to police yourselves and solve disputes using the Discussion tab at the top.

Edit: If you do sign up, the only benefit is that you gain the ability to upload pictures to the wiki.

Thanks and have fun!


Trivia on the Wiki

They're still being updated, so check it out to see what's new. As usual, if you see any mistakes or feel like there's something that needs to be corrected, you can hit the edit button if you're sure, or bring it up in the Discussion link at the top.

Also, the parents thing was too narrow, so the wiki page is now about Sentai actors in general appearing in Sentai again:


Sentai Trivia

Hey guys, I'm glad to see people are having fun making the Sentai trivia page. Looks like we've got a lot of entries.

I've noticed that people have been going back and forth on some items. Just remember to use the Discussion Page (upper left hand corner) or the forum thread to settle disputes. Also, just a little reminder that names are usually written family name first, then given name. Usually we put [[ ]] around them because that creates a link to that person's page on the wiki.

I've generalized the Parents page to Relatives per a suggestion on the forum. Like DekaYellow plays the sister for KyouryuuBlue. You can copy and paste the parents table to create a new section.

Also made a records page for Kamen Rider if people are interested in that too.

Thanks, everyone! This has been fun and educational.


Would you donate to help pay for our wiki server?

So right now the host we're using for the wiki is threatening to suspend our account because we're using too many resources. Right now, the wiki is hosted on a shared server, which means that we can't go over certain usage thresholds. For instance, we're only supposed to have 10,000 account executions per week, and we're using 12,504. Or as this chart says, this is us in red, and this is average:

So here's the unfortunate reality of the thing. They want us to shell out for either a dedicated server, or a cloud platform. And the cheapest of these is 70 dollars a month. That's just a couple hundred bucks short of a 1000.

What I need to know from you guys is, do you like our wiki enough to help pay for the server cost of it? I really like our wiki, I think it's a great source of info for our group both internally and for our fans, but I obviously don't have a grand to sink into the costs of paying for it every year.

Take the poll on our forum

Wiki down time?

I guess we're taking up too many resources on the server that we're using. I'm talking with our server guys about this, but so far it looks like our options are to either upgrade (expensive) or get suspended in a week. We're talking it over and we'll let you know what we decide.


Toku website preservation project?

So the impossible has happened, Toho has taken down their official websites for GranSazer and JustiRisers.

That's a real bummer since I loved those pages. I consulted them when trying to figure out what names to use for the translations and they had all these pictures and info about the show. I mean, think about it. GranSazer aired in 2003, it's pretty much as old as TV-Nihon at this point. I guess we all always took for granted that they'd always be up, seeing as how they've been up for almost 10 years.

As an archivalist, this was unacceptable. People should be able to enjoy those pages forever. Using the Wayback Machine I was able to screencap quite a few of the pages to preserve on our wiki.

Sadly, it's not completely a happy end. The less popular pages appear to not have had their images saved. So Gun Caeser, Leviathan, Cloud Dragon's pages are all broken image links. Leviathan was the best of them with at least half of the pictures still present:

Edit: I also discovered the Logia, Dai Logian, and Karin's pages are also broken. Oddly enough, Radia and Lucia's pages are OK. I mean, Logia's suit is badass, how is that page not archived?!

Even Sentai and Rider are not immune to this. The TV-Asahi Boukenger page has been broken forever since their main menu went down:

Sure, there are mirror sites, but they're not as good sometimes.

In an effort to make this content available for the fandom, I'd like to go through the official show related websites to grab their pictures for the wiki. Especially the lesser known shows which don't have the support of a powerful company like Toei.

I understand that this kind of work only appeals to people with a special kind of OCD like my own, but if you're interested, send me an e-mail, PM me on the forums, or create a wiki account and edit my talk page. Ideally, I'd like to find some smart individuals who can either screengab the websites or manipulate the URL to grab the original file who can then upload those pictures to the wiki...

But I'll gladly take zip/rar batches of such pictures through my e-mail address. The uploading isn't the hard part, I can handle that part. I just need someone to grab those pictures since that's the time consuming part.

It's kind of time consuming, but it won't be so bad if we all pitch in and help. Like if each of us takes on a page, I'm sure this is very doable. I can assign websites to people if they want, but you can always just go to the External Links section of our wiki. All our show pages have them:

Forum Thread

Creating character pages for the wiki?

Right now there's a real dearth of character pages for the wiki. It'd be really nice if we could take the hero pages out of those character pages and give them their own page, along with adding pictures, info on their tools/weapons, vehicles, etc.

If that sounds like something that would interest you, check out the thread, e-mail me, or sign up to our wiki.



Working on the Wiki

So it's been a while, but it's probably time to clean up the Series Assignment for the Wiki. It seems like people have dropped off, disappeared, or never started in the first place. Maybe it's because people are busy with school, but it's probably time to ask for new writer's again.

Also, next month will celebrate the wiki being about a year old. Hurray for us.

In celebration, let's create a bunch of Wiki related threads

Basic wiki editing thread Just listing several useful code stuff for editing the wiki

Useful templates thread For the more advanced editor. Kind of delves into programming?

Questions about wiki editing thread Ask your questions here. Might as well keep all this in one place, like a FAQ

I'm also looking for someone to upload my image archive to the wiki. It's not that hard, just time consuming since I want the pictures properly tagged. What I like to do is have two upload links open in tabs and I would just bounce between the two, hitting backspace to go back so that I don't have to enter the Category tag again.

If you're interested in doing this for me, send me an e-mail, write me a PM, or answer in this thread here.

If you want to apply to be a writer for specific series, please post in this thread:

Series Assignment for the Wiki.


Megaupload 2?

Megaupload Stuff

Hey, does anyone want to try adding our files to the new Megaupload incarnation?

When you've done that, put the link in the Submit Links forum. And let us know how it's working out for you somewhere. Feedback forum?

Images on Wiki Stuff

By the way, it'd be really great if we had more people adding pictures to our wiki. I know the new Requeset Account feature seems really dumb, so feel free to make up stuff for the part where it asks for your real name. For the biography section, just write down something to prove you're not a spam bot. (I think it requires a lot of words so feel free to copy and paste it a few times)

Remember a wiki is made by a community. Not just one, two, or three people!

If you need help, e-mail me or ask a question on the forums 

Take a look and see what we've got going so far. Wiki Image Galleries

(Note, you can always edit the text without logging in. So if you see a fix, you should mistake it.)

RSS Feeds / Tracker Stuff

Thank Q, because we've got RSS feeds again for the tracker:

Let us know if it's working okay.

Capture Stuff

We just replaced our tuner. Hopefully this week we'll be able to capture the video as it airs. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how hard it is to do this work if we're tripping up the very first step in the process.

Images on the wiki

So the new wiki server can support image uploading. That's been a feature that I've wanted for a long time.

Not sure what the user permissions is currently, but people who have the right to upload should have a link on their left menu bar (Alt+Shift+U also works). Looks like there's an error when trying to edit currently, but hopefully that'll sort itself out.

I created a thread to discuss policies and potential issues that this new function brings up:


Help with our wiki

As usual, we can always use some good writers and editors for our wiki. Content creation is pretty easy, just write about what you're interested in.

The Monster Hunter wiki has a good beginner's guide.

If you want to goof around and try stuff, please do it on our sandbox page. Just hit edit and try it out.

See what people are currently editing with the Recent Changes page.

Fill out our Show pages or our People pages.

Something that I'd really like is if people who are watching our old series filled in information about those episodes. If you don't see an individual page for the episode, just create it and an editor will come by and fix it if it needs adjusting. Wiki's have a robust backup system so it's pretty easy to undo most errors and vandalism.


More numbers

So yesterdayish I said that there was a major dip in Shinkenger episode 44. Someone on the forums pointed out that kids tend to be visiting temples on New Year's weekend. So I looked at the numbers for other series, and yup, series that air an episode on that weekend tended to be really low. (That probably explains why they skip broadcasting on those days or tend to make those episodes throwaway ones.)

That's what I love about finding out new stuff like that. One new fact can totally change how you perceive something. I genuinely think that the more you know, the more closer you come to seeing the world for how it really is.


So have a picture of Optimus Prime with a billion guns across his chest.

Numbers and stuff

So I've been adding the viewer numbers to the chronology category for the different series. Sometimes, an interesting thing is revealed. But in practical terms, it mostly means being disappointed in Japanese children.

Now before I get into this, I feel like it's important to remind people that a higher viewership doesn't mean that the show is better. All it really means is that for that time slot, this many people watched this show compared to other shows occurring at the same time.

(There's a summary of the viewer numbers at the bottom showing average, highest viewed episode, and lowest viewed episode)


  • Goseiger had more viewers than Gokaiger. Bizarre right? 5.4% average for Goseiger while Gokaiger had just 5%.
  • Shinkenger's lowest episode was 44, the one where they had that awesome reveal. What? Kids don't know from good, clearly.
  • W's lowest episode was the second part of the two parter, after that long winter break with the movie inbetween. Just because you do a two-parter, doesn't mean people will tune in to see how it turns out, apparently.





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