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Pretty Den-O Toujou Released!

It's been 10 years since Den-O has been on screen (this is a lie). He's back with Pretty Den-O!

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Den-O questions

http://winter-queen-miharu.tumblr.com/p ... bout-den-o

I don’t recall proper explanations being given for either of these so if anyone has answers I’d be most grateful.

1) How does one become a Singular Point?

2) How do passes/tickets work? How do you get one?


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New project announcement

So Luna's been working hard on her little side project. We're pleased to announce that we're working on...


...the latest Den-O movie with Satou Takeru.

Apparently they go back to the Meiji era and Ryoutarou is possessed by some new Imagin. That guy and his crazy hair.

The climax never ends!

Episode Yellow 1080p version released

Father and daughter
Looks like this is Di End of the Den-O movies. I wonder what the other actors are doing. Like Airi's actress. What's she been up to lately?


Chou Den-O Episode Blue Released

Long before she was a regular on Kamen Rider Wizard, Takayama Yuuko had a role in this Den-O movie. Wow, and here's some trivia. She was Omi Kei on Twin Spica, which also starred Nakamura Yuuichi/Yuuto who was Shu in that TV show.  So there's a connection between the leads of the Episode Red and Blue movies!


Episode Red 1080p released

What timing, considering Nakamura Yuuichi just retired. Anyway, here's a picture of Matsumoto Wakana (Airi) visiting the Japanese defense force.


News about Nakamura Yuuichi (the actor)


News about Nakamura Yuuichi (Zeronos in Den-O, Akio in Wangan Nights, Kiriya from Hibiki):

It looks like he's leaving the entertainment industry. I'm not sure if people knew, but he had taken a leave of absence to recover from some sickness. Apparently he has recovered, but he has decided to pursue something besides acting. Anyway, good luck to that guy. Hope we see him again someday.

Saraba Den-O HD v2

Once again Den-O will not just end already, as we re-release the final batch with v2 of Saraba Den-O HD. If you were on the old one, just stop it, remove the torrent but not the data and start the new one up and it will continue on again. We apologise for the inconvience.

Happy Halloween!

Deneb Candy douzo!

Picture found from this site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/winza_yuu_1009/56031668.html

Kamen Rider Den-O 31-42 HD released


A brand new batch of Den-O episodes in new HD format! Batch version 1!


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