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Zenkaiger movie discussion thread up

Go to our forum and discuss it! Available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD now!

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Japanese Commercials for Sunday July 4 released

"Rewrite the story" is sung by the actors for Touma, Rintarou, and Kento

Saber 42 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 18 Discussion Thread / Wiki

New series: Japanese Cooking Show Episode 01

I guess this is our first new series since cancelling Zenkaiger and Saber? Please enjoy Japanese cooking show episode 1!

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Pizza sukiyaki

For those of you interested in this food item from Zenkaiger, Luna found the recipe and actually made it:


Japanese Commercials for Sunday May 23 released

In case you haven't caught the news, we aren't doing Saber or Zenkaiger anymore. But we'll still put out commercials from those shows, so that's what this is

Saber 36 Discussion thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 12 Discussion thread / Wiki

Check out some of the art people have created for our splash page

Zenkaiger 11 discussion thread

Let's talk about this week's episode

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Here are the captions -

You guys will have to find the video somewhere else. We don't host files here anymore because of the Toei letter from last week.

Zenkaiger 10 and opening dance released

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Files released:



Zenkaiger 09 with CM and junction released

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Files released:


Zenkaiger 08 released

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Files released:



Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Himitsu Zenkai Files 01-03 released

Buy our toys

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Files released:



Zenkaiger 07 released

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Files released:



Zenkaiger Spin-Off: ZenkaiRed 01-02 released

Sorry this took a while! I think doing two episodes a week has been making me tired lately

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02: Thread / Wiki


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