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Japanese Commercials for Sunday May 22nd released

Happy birthday Kohaku Shida!

Sorry, kind of behind this week. Haven't even seen Revice! But the thread is up if you want to participate in the conversation!

DonBros 12: Thread / Wiki

Revice 36: Thread / Wiki

No commercials this week

All the DonBros bad guys wear the same pants.

Our guy in Japan moved this week, so no raw for the commercials. If anyone capped them and would like to contribute it, we'd love to still do them! Hopefully we'll be all set next week.

But there's still toku to discuss!

Revice 28 Thread / Wiki

DonBros 4 Thread / Wiki

v2 poll up!

New poll up! When do you think Haruka will meet Momoi Tarou?!

No revoting once you've locked your guess!

DonBrothers 01 discussion thread v2

I had to remake the thread. Forgot the poll! Be sure to vote!



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