My Little Chinese New Years!

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Merry Christmas!


With all the best wishes from the TV-Nihon team. Please enjoy these pics that I stole from 2chan. Feel free to add to them in the thread.


Chinese New Years!







Looks like it'll be an anime Christmas in...

The Kingdom of Loathing.

Yay, anime!

The KOL wiki article on the anime Crimbo.

Remember to join our clan TV-Nihon if you end up in the game.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Trivia: Did you know that the Japanese word for Turkey is Shichimenchou? That means "bird with the seven faces".

WTF does that mean, Japan?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Oh, according to the wiki, it's because when turkeys get excited, their skin color changes from, red, to blue, to purple.


Happy Halloween!

Man, Halloween is probably awesome in Japan.

Anyone dressing up tonight?


It's banned books week



Let's celebrate the freedom to read! Censorship (whether it's because of government, religiious groups, or individual biases) is sort of lame.

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Happy Tanabata guys!

Maybe spend the day rewatching Densha Otoko or something.


Happy Mother's Day


Edit: Oh yeah, talk to Calendar Man.

April Fools' Day

So how was everyone's April Fools' Day? Obviously the joint between our group and Aesir was a joke, but seriously, if you think we're too literal or that they're too loose, let's do a fandom swap or something. Like I'd prefer that to people staying and complaining about stuff that they can find somewhere else.

You really can join groups to get the little thing over your avatar though. I forgot to set the Kamen Rider Club group on the forums to public yesterday, but that should be fixed now. Speaking of little sisters, Oreimo is getting a second season.

Stuff I thought was funny:

Dragon Warrior Google Maps

Kinect Assassin's Creed

Bad review of Star Wars IV

Youtube DVD collection!

So what did you guys see and liked?


Join the User Group on the forums

What do the names Kabuto, Decade, Accel, Odin, and Chalice evoke when you hear them? Badassery? Coolness? Power and style? Exactly.

That's why I'm starting a new forum group to encapsulate these badass heroes. In case people aren't aware, if you go to the forum User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups in the side menu. You'll see a list of open groups that you can join. If you set one as your default group, that can sometimes give you a special image above your avatar.

This will be a group for manly men like these. Something that captures the core of who they are and what they fight for...

Their little sisters.

Terui Ryuu, Kanzaki Shirou, Aikawa Hajime, Tendou Souji, and Kadoya Tsukasa. Entire plotlines for the TV series and movies have been about their relationships with their little sisters. Little sister is power! Cuteness is justice!

Is this little sister apprecation day? Maybe!

And so, Imouto Rider Group, start!

Year of the Dragon


Just noticed this pic and thought it was cute. From this site:

Ready to Go, Count Zero! New Year's Release: Agito 9


You guys didn't really think we'd do nothing this week, right?

Don't forget to talk to Calendarman

By the way, here's the song listing for the Sentai Concert we posted yesterday. There's a lot of great songs and stuff like Psychic Lover dressed in their DekaRanger uniforms or the guy who sings MagiRanger's opening in his MagiRanger coat

01 - GoGo Sentai - Boukenger
02 - Boukenger - On The Road
03 - Boukenger - Punch
04 - Sisters MAYO - MagiRanger (ending)
05 - Magiranger Theme
06 - Dekaranger Theme
07 - Abaranger Theme
08 - Abaranger Ending
09 - Hurricaneger Theme
10 - GaoRanger Hero
11 - GaoRanger White
12 - DaiRanger Theme
13 - ZyuRanger Theme
14 - Jetman Theme
15 - Fiveman Theme
16 - Fiveman Ending
17 - TurboRanger Theme

It's New Year's Eve! Let's look back on 2011

So how was your year?

All the weekly shows are taking a break next week. Remember that!


Happy Halloween!

Deneb Candy douzo!

Picture found from this site:

Talk like a pirate day

It be talk like a pirate day. If ye scalleywags don't want to end up keelhauled, then ye best be talking like dis all day on the forums and in the channel. Yarrr....

More splashes?

Running out of splashes. Still no Birth splashes, and it'd be nice if we could get a really nice one for the last episode of OOO (and for episodes inbetween that and the current one). As well as some GokaiSilver ones. Thanks!

We're also working on TimeRanger and Agito in the background, so some splashes to start that series up will be nice.


It's July 7, that means Tanabata in Japan!



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