Kodai Shoujo Dogu-chan

Kodai Shoujo 12 and series batch released

Finale! Thanks to everyone for waiting! There's no plans to work on anything else from this series at this time. Sorry!

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Dogu-chan 11 released

It's the beginning of the end!

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Dogu-chan 10 released

Guest stars: Ran's mom from GekiRanger and Haruka (pictured) from Yami wo Terasu Mono. (Also pictured: Micchi, before he was on Gaim). All this info and the pics are on the wiki, so go search for it!

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Dogu-chan 08 released

Special guest star: Ishino Mako AKA Swan-san!

Oh yeah, we're finishing this series. Hurray!

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Dogu-chan 6 released

I know it's been a while, but thank you guys for waiting for this. Dogu-chan 6 released.

Dogu-chan 4 released

Did you remember we were doing this show? Let backlog week begin!*

Remember, there's no OOO or Gokaiger this week.

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*Makes no guarantee that anything else will be released this week.


Release 2500: Dogu-chan 1

Dogu-chan 1 released, guest starring that guest star from W and the boy from Keitai

It's always kind of hard to choose the anniversary project. It usually ends up being the project chooses itself based on what we're already working on. Anyway, W 48 will be out soon, so keep your eye on that

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Dance contest ends next Tuesday!

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