Shinkenger 1DC, Uncredited OP/ED from Blu-ray released

Director's cut for episode 1. HD1080 from the Blu-ray source. This show is rad, so enjoy it again!

Shinkenger Blu-ray menu. If you like this, you can find HQ pics of this and other stuff I've scanned on my tumblr. Follow, like, and reblog if you dig it.

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Wizard & Fourze Ultimatum DC released

You got friendship in my magic! You got magic in my friendship! Mmm!

Also, note this is the director's cut version. We're probably not going to do the theater cut. Don't complain about the commentary track, just use a different video player please.

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OOO Wunderbare Direktor Geschnitten Freigegeben

The Tokugawa crest. Note the aoi/hollyhock pattern on it. Heroic Lily?! Yuri?! Moonlight?

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Can you spot what's new?

Kamen Rider W A to Z Director's Cut and Sudou Genki music videos released


Director's Cut


Luna Dopant, played by Sudou Genki, is actually kind of a talented guy. So please, enjoy his music videos and know that he can do more than portray offensive gay stereotypes.

I guess I missed all the guest actors when we first released this. There's...

Sugimoto Aya as Maria. She was Queen Beryl in  the live Sailor Moon series. This is supposed to be her on this Garo CD.

Trigger Dopant was Deai Masayuki who was BoukenSilver.

And Nakamura Kouji, who's been in several Ultraman shows. What's with W and Ultraman actors? And Sentai.


Shinkenger 1-2 Director's Cuts released

Did you think we were done with Shinkengers? Apparently not, since Toei put out a DVD with the director's cut for episodes one and two. Relive the beginning of the series again now with a ton more footage!

Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

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