Mahou Sentai MagiRanger

Hero Mama League Preview released

Comes out on Mother's Day!

Also a peak in an alternate timeline:

<xiiliea> oh, i read the file name as hot mama league when it appeared in my dropbox

<~takenoko> vote to change the file name to hot mama league

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Mr. Green sung live released


This is one of my favorite toku-related songs of all time. MagiRanger the best! Mr. Green, you are indeed my hero.

MagiRanger Movie Meeting released

Hmm, maybe I should have saved all those recent MagiRanger pictures for this release. Oh well, you can just click the MagiRanger tag and see them in previous posts.

Yeah, wiki's down again :(



Go-Busters 34 released

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The MagiRangers are back together again!

Wizard 6 released


Hell yeah, the Sazer-X trinity is complete! After years of his co-stars popping up in Kamen Rider and Sentai, we finally have Lio-Sazer back.

Oh hey there, Airi.

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Speaking of Mahoutsukai, how about that MagiPink? Just posting pictures of stuff I scanned last night from my magazines.

Happy Mother's Day


Edit: Oh yeah, talk to Calendar Man.

Gokaiger 3 SD released

Super Hero Time

SD only for now. HD later

The word:
Kiai 気合 【きあい】 (n) scream, yell, fighting spirit, (P)

I think they chose well for the first guest character. MagiRanger is definitely my favorite Sentai series. It had engaging characters and a plot that really focused on the relationships between them. It had a real strong plot and progression on both the good and bad guy sides that made it really interesting to watch. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

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