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Nostalgia Ranger/Rider toy discussion thread

Pretty fun thread since I don't always pay attention to the merch. Check out HowlingSnail's review in particular

Discussion Thread

Geats 17 v2

Because of nepo babies

KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Might as well put this up for people


Geats 8 again

That was a pretty good episode. Maybe you should go watch it again.

Geats 02 thread up

What are the lyrics??? Anyone else hear this as trust/lust?

Thread / Wiki

Front page fixed

Someone pointed out that the links were broken for the Geats stuff. They're fixed now. Hooray!

Geats 01: Discussion Thread / Wiki

OOO 10th: Kamen Rider Birth: The Secret birth of Birth X

If you were ummm... disappointed by the 10th anniversary movie, maybe check this out?

Discussion Thread / Wiki

I had an AI generated an image for "Kamen Rider Kiss"

This was using the DALL·E mini.

I like that the middle one is the Spider-man kiss. The upper right looks like Ryuki and Knight. The upper left looks like Zero-One. It's just interesting in general what an AI thinks a proper Kamen Rider looks like

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Cool Kamen Rider Tarot

Remember the cool Kamen Rider Tarot cards? I really like this one of Ozawa from Agito. So cool

KR Agito 51 discussion thread

Hope you enjoyed the series rewatch with me!

Discussion Thread / Wiki

KR Agito 50 discussion thread

Did Agito meet Zi-O? I totally forgot about that.

Discussion Thread / Wiki


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