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Agito 17 released

Part man, part machine, all cop.

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Kamen Rider Fourze 26 released

It's pretty cool how Fourze is an actual reunion with child actors who were on previous Kamen Rider series.

Taiichi from Agito

Amane from Blade (She was also a small guest in W too)

Suzuki Kasumi who guest starred on Kabuto and was a regular in Abaranger. What a difference 6 years makes.

So... what are you doing prom night?

Just in time for Friday the 13, Agito 13 released


It's weird to see Akiyama Rina so young. Nowadays you see her as Naomi whenever Den-O makes a guess appearance. I wonder if there'll be a fifth year anniversary movie for Den-O?

Hey, there was a guest star in Fourze that no one mentioned!


Tanabe Tokimasa who was Abe in Fouze for the Glee Club episode was Taiichi from Agito! Those kids are growing up!

Anyway, if I miss a guest star, please send me a PM or something so that I can note it. 'Cause noting things are fun!

Ready to Go, Count Zero! New Year's Release: Agito 9


You guys didn't really think we'd do nothing this week, right?

Don't forget to talk to Calendarman

By the way, here's the song listing for the Sentai Concert we posted yesterday. There's a lot of great songs and stuff like Psychic Lover dressed in their DekaRanger uniforms or the guy who sings MagiRanger's opening in his MagiRanger coat

01 - GoGo Sentai - Boukenger
02 - Boukenger - On The Road
03 - Boukenger - Punch
04 - Sisters MAYO - MagiRanger (ending)
05 - Magiranger Theme
06 - Dekaranger Theme
07 - Abaranger Theme
08 - Abaranger Ending
09 - Hurricaneger Theme
10 - GaoRanger Hero
11 - GaoRanger White
12 - DaiRanger Theme
13 - ZyuRanger Theme
14 - Jetman Theme
15 - Fiveman Theme
16 - Fiveman Ending
17 - TurboRanger Theme

Agito 6-8 version 2's released

Fixes the missing symbols during the transformation and nothing else.

Kamen Rider Agito 04 released

Akiyama Rina

Oh yeah, a young Akiyama Rina is in this show too. At this point, you guys probably know her better as Naomi, the train lady from Den-O. Sort of like how younglings are more familiar with the Star Wars prequels instead of the originals. It makes me so mad!!!

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Agito 02 released

Gokai will be a bit delayed this week, so have some more Agito.

So what's the deal with Agito and Kuuga? Why do they look so similar? Why do they keep referring to terms from Kuuga?

I think Decade explained this best. The story of Agito takes place in a world which seems very similar to Kuuga's world, but is actually completely independent. While they use some terms that are very Kuugaish, you'll note that they never mention Kuuga or Grongi. In fact, if you pay attention to the dates, there is no way that Agito and Kuuga can coexist, because their timelines wouldn't match up.

The explanation that I hear for this is because they wanted to do more Kuuga, so Agito started off as a pseudo-sequel. But beyond the first few episodes, you'll note that they never really mention anything Kuuga related again.

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Kamen Rider Agito 01 released and splash requested

Kamen Rider Genealogy

That's episode one..

So it's the same deal with TimeRanger. I could really use some splashes for Agito as well. For TimeRanger, please make the resolution 640x480. For Agito, the encodes will be 720x404. If you want to future proof it, maybe make it 1280x720. E-mail them to me or post them on the forum thread would be best.


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