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Skull Direct Link

So Tack Angel requested that we post the direct link for the movie, since I guess the other links got deleted.


Hard-boiled Hard-boiled Hard-boiled

So, how about that Kamen Rider Skull merchandising? Jesus Toei, ever heard of showing some dignity and restraint? Just kidding, this is some of the most hard-boiled items I've seen in a while.

Kamen Rider Skull released


Well, not exactly. Looks like someone took the OOO/W movie and combined it with Begins...? Begins'...? Begin's? Begins Night to create a super movie all about Skull.

Check it out here.

And someone created a thread about it here. It's always cool when people do creative stuff like that.

To go a bit off topic, I hear the three minutes that has Optimus Prime in the Transformers movies are cool. I'd be all for someone just cutting those out and putting that on youtube for me to see. Yeah! Optimus Prime!

OOO/W Movie Core released

Kamen RiderKamen Rider

I go off on a fucking long rant, so don't read the thread till you've seen the movie.

Kamen RiderKamen Rider
In other news, W Gundams! Wheee!

Edit: Oh yeah, chronologically, this movie takes place after the end of the W TV series and before the Accel movie.

Ever get confused by all the movies that keep coming out? We thought so, so we've created threads to explain where in the series one should watch a movie. We have one for OOO, one for W... Of course we also do Den-O and Decade, which is basically when this movie explosion started to become a problem.

Kamen Rider W A to Z Director's Cut and Sudou Genki music videos released


Director's Cut


Luna Dopant, played by Sudou Genki, is actually kind of a talented guy. So please, enjoy his music videos and know that he can do more than portray offensive gay stereotypes.

I guess I missed all the guest actors when we first released this. There's...

Sugimoto Aya as Maria. She was Queen Beryl in  the live Sailor Moon series. This is supposed to be her on this Garo CD.

Trigger Dopant was Deai Masayuki who was BoukenSilver.

And Nakamura Kouji, who's been in several Ultraman shows. What's with W and Ultraman actors? And Sentai.


Accel is playing commentary track at the same time?

I guess some of you guys are using a player that plays both the audio tracks at the same time. The only solution to this is

A) Find out how to select the audio track in your player.

B) Use a player that doesn't play all the audio tracks at the same time. Why would anyone want that?

VLC, GOM and MPC should all allow you to select the audio track or just play track 1 by default




Kamen Rider Accel movie released

Furikiru ze!

So if you weren't paying attention, the W series got two spinoff direct-to-DVD movies. Kamen Rider Accel was released in April and chronologically takes place after the OOO/W movie that is released this month (so don't watch it unless you're comfortable with some spoilers). The next one is in July and features Kamen Rider Eternal. This movie was pretty awesome, and it's more story featuring the characters from W. The guest stars were pretty good too.

An art game for the Kamen Rider W Net Movies


So Cheetah and SilentWolfDog had a fun idea for the Net movies. In one segment, the actors draw something from memory and they have a contest to see who does the best (and worst) job. SilentWolfDog took a hand at it, and you guys can too.

So the rules are simple. Just draw the thing from your memory. Don't look it up, cause that'd be cheating. When we release the Net movies, just post the thumbnail and link to your picture in that thread. It'll just be for fun to see how well people do.

The drawing subjects are: [Money Dopant, Gene Dopant, Revolgarry, W CyloneJokerXtreme, Terror Dopant]

W A to Z splash get!

Seeya around detective

I think we have our splash. This pic by the way was in some Hong Kong picture contest involving toys. I lost the link to it, but it had some really great stuff. Check it out if you can find it

Heart Breaker released


HeartBreaker?! No! It's evisceration time by OOO!

Edit: I guess I should mention what this is. Heart Breaker is the theme song for the OOO movie that was in theaters last December. We released the music video for it that stars Ohguro Maki (OOO' opening theme singer) and Kikkawa Kouji (Skull). There's no footage from the movie in it, so you can watch it without worrying about being spoiled

W Delusion 12 released

W movies

No more W ever!

Random question answer time:

Q: Kamen Rider Decade. I noticed that apart from episodes 30 and 31 there are also "specials" bearing the same names, and are about the same size as the "regular" episodes. What is the difference between them, please?

A: The specials aired after the series' initial broadcast with slightly modified endings

Modelers arrested for selling Kamen Rider W custom figure


Thought I'd plug this news article that I saw the other day. Basically these two guys took an Apollo Geist figure, kitbashed it into a Utopia Dopant figure, and tried to sell it on Yahoo Auctions (yes, that still exists in Japan) when they got arrested for copyright infringement.

"The winning bid was around ¥270,000 (US$3,288), a tidy sum indeed."

What do you guys think about this?

W Delusion 10 released


W Delusion 10 released

Just to whet your appetite while we work on stuff like the Net movies and Imagin Aniime 3 and stuff

Garo 6 DVD and W Delusion 8 released

Oikawa NaoFujita Ray

This episode had Oikawa Nao (Arisa from Ultra Seven X, Kegaresia from Go-Onger, Wasp Lady from Decade) and Fujita Ray (An orph in Faiz, purple pajama wearer in Fuuma no Kojirou)

Garo 6 released

Dopant Chart Dopant Chart

Shoutarou Delusion 8

Comment on the news post here


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