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April Fool's Batch released

You requested, so here it is. A single batch of all our previous April Fool's subs!


Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 04 v2 released

Before we release 5, here's a v2 of episode 4! Looks like I encoded it, but forgot to release it. Sorry!

Does anyone have the Abaranger April Fool's video?


You've guessed it, I'm making a batch of our April Fools videos. Does anyone have the Abaranger one we did?

Kamen Rider Amazons Seasons 1-2 getting pulled again

>Apparently season 1 is still up on Amazon Prime?

Huh weird. Wonder if that message was originally created in error or if something to renewed last minute. Either way, guess we're pulling the season 1-2 Amazons torrent. Sorry guys!


KR Amazons Season 1-2 and movie HD1080 Blu-ray back up

With Amazon pulling Amazons on March 31st, here's Seasons 1-2, the movie, and bonuses. Blu-ray source

Season 1 wiki

Season 2 wiki

Movie wiki

KR Saber 28 released

KR Saber 27 + Anime 02 released

If you're having trouble downloading with the torrents, try getting our files through DropBox! Send me an e-mail if you're interested.

27: Thread / Wiki

Anime 02: Thread / Wiki

KR Saber 26 released

North and South. Light and Dark.

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KR Zi-O VS Decade 01-03 HD1080v2 and 03 SDv2 released

Apparently we were capping the video at 29.970 instead of 30fps, so when we reduced it to 23.976fps there were repeated frames. Hopefully this fixes it!


Zenkaiger's ummm nickname

A lot of people have expressed enjoyment from the nickname we gave the series in our release post. I can't take credit for that joke though! It's from forum user Aeikozz! Credit given where it's due!


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