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KR Blade 01 + Junction 1 (60fps, 480p, Blu-ray source)

New encode for Blade. Davinci030 found a better way of encoding the 60fps, so we're redoing the series using this format from here on. Because the Blu-rays are upscales, the 720p encodes didn't look good to me, so we're releasing only the original 480p versions from here on.

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15th anniversary release: Go-Rider 1-3 from Blu-ray

We had originally captured Go-Rider from a stream, but here it is in Blu-ray quality. Enjoy!

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KR Blade 01-03 and Junction 1 Blu-ray release

Big thanks to xiiliea for working on these. The video used on the Blu-rays are upscales so the HD720 versions aren't that much better than the SD release. But it's there if you want it. These releases are also 60fps, so this is something that we're experimenting with. Let us know what you think!

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Blade Poll 4.48 out of 5 (42 votes)

Deka Poll 4.64 out of 5 (39 votes)

Sh15uya Poll 3.92 out of 5 (12 votes)

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Dear Toei

Please release a Kamen Rider Blade 10 years After Blu-ray boxset.

Pic source modxtoy.com

Congrats Amano Kousei! Announced marriage to actress Hinagata Akiko.

One last one for the road.


So Super Climax Heroes?

This poster looks great, does anyone have a larger version of it?

Hello, Blade. You're reading for this game?

They're using actual TV actors for the characters? BAD ASS. Thank you for eventually doing this.


Join the User Group on the forums

What do the names Kabuto, Decade, Accel, Odin, and Chalice evoke when you hear them? Badassery? Coolness? Power and style? Exactly.

That's why I'm starting a new forum group to encapsulate these badass heroes. In case people aren't aware, if you go to the forum User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups in the side menu. You'll see a list of open groups that you can join. If you set one as your default group, that can sometimes give you a special image above your avatar.

This will be a group for manly men like these. Something that captures the core of who they are and what they fight for...

Their little sisters.

Terui Ryuu, Kanzaki Shirou, Aikawa Hajime, Tendou Souji, and Kadoya Tsukasa. Entire plotlines for the TV series and movies have been about their relationships with their little sisters. Little sister is power! Cuteness is justice!

Is this little sister apprecation day? Maybe!

And so, Imouto Rider Group, start!

Kamen Rider Fourze 26 released

It's pretty cool how Fourze is an actual reunion with child actors who were on previous Kamen Rider series.

Taiichi from Agito

Amane from Blade (She was also a small guest in W too)

Suzuki Kasumi who guest starred on Kabuto and was a regular in Abaranger. What a difference 6 years makes.

So... what are you doing prom night?

Scanning magazines day

Got to do something while my PS3 is down.

An interview about the Rouse Card thingy being released soon.

Why is Date's actor in Berserk? Crazy! Anyway, he has a big sword in this.


This Robo series looks great. MagiKing is so awesome.

Luka and Ahim interviews.

SD Gaiking and Garo toys.

Finally, some old looking magazine scans of magazine scans of Voltron.

Discussion thread.


Dajivana-san, naje miterun desu?!

Blade Blu-Ray theater cut released

Have I ever mentioned my theory on why Toei never released the Director's Cut on Blu-ray? Just my guess, but I think that when they recut the director's cut, they only saved the footage in DVD quality. Ask anyone who's ever worked on a sub transition from theater cut version to director's cut. When they do the director cut, they just recut the whole thing, so all the timing is off by a little by from scene to scene. It's probably just easier to do it that way than to insert the new footage and make the audio sync.

Also, sorry about having no unmasked pics for Blade or Chalice. If you have any just send me a pm.

More about the Blade Card Set

Just my guess, but I think all the toys will be show accurate. You can tell the difference by the barcode on the left. The card is smaller to fit in the toys, and has an actual barcode, plus the description is written in Japanese instead of English and a fake language. (I think the toy version also could be used in some kind of card game, hence the level and element things in the corners). All the cards that I've seen on the toy page look like show-accurate cards.

Some men may ask, "Why 173 cards? Why not 52 cards?" That's a good question. I honestly don't know. It says there will be 135 normal cards, 25 holo cards, and 13 gold cards (probably the King Spade set?). Even with the extra cards (the wild cards, special Ace of Clubs card, 4 Proper Blanks, 14, etc.) that's only about 20 or so other cards.

Reading the description, it says all 135 types will be included. So maybe it's all the cards wild version and with proper suit symbols? It says the size will be 112mmx77mm or 130% the size of a normal Carddass card, so it doesn't sound like there will be different size versions.

*Oh, at the bottom it says that these cards definitely don't work with the toys. At least that's blatent.

And it says "The holo cards will be A/J/Q/K etc." Again, no idea what the "etc." would be.

Product description page: http://www.carddas.com/rousecard/products/

Order page: http://p-bandai.jp/carddas/item-1000014357/

You'll need to live in Japan or know a go-between to order these, by the way. It's 8400 yen so about 108 dollars. Also, was the deadline push back to January 17th?

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