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Deka VS Aba Blu-ray source

Just SD and HD720 versions, because the HD versions are just a bad rescale. I encoded a 1080 version just to see how it'd look and it was pretty bad. Makes sense considering the original was just a straight to VHS release, unlike the movies which probably had some higher quality source material for the Blu-ray process.

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#TV-Nihon 13th Anniversary: Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 10 Years After

Can you think of a more perfect thing to release on this date? 13 for us, 10 for them. Hopefully no bad luck!

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Sh15uya Poll 3.92 out of 5 (12 votes)

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DekaRanger 1 billion years after Promo released

DekaRanger Robo judges you Naughty! Oh la la! Time for your punishment~


DekaRanger announced on Blu-ray

Youtube trailer subbing incoming...


Meanwhile, get hyped!

Sen-chan comments on Gokaiger 5 released


Gokaiger 5 March 20, 2011 Commentary by Sen-chan (Itou Yousuke)

So this is an interesting release for us. Ever since we found the footage for this, we've known that we wanted to do it. (I believe it's just from Itou Yousuke's ustream archive, so you might be able to downloads/stream the full thing still)

The thing is... there was a large technical hurdle. We knew we wanted to overlay Sen's video onto the actual episode itself, but we didn't know how. We thought we'd need some crazy video editing software or something. (Turns out it's actual a very simple filter in avisynth.)

The other problem we had is that we didn't know how long the commercial breaks were (they're not included in our raws). So I had to kind of guess on that based on Sen's comments. Not a bad job, eh? The actual sub is from the Blu-ray rip, but the 199 Heroes promo at the end is from the original release. You have no idea how convoluted my setup was at the end XD

Sorry for the sloppy composition for the first few clips. As you may have gathered, Sen-chan (Itou Yousuke) started his video feed nearly 40 minutes before the show started. So I wanted to sub some stuff, but cut out the hundreds of "Good morning!" "Here's the number of people watching the feed now!" filler that was the first 37 minutes.

Other random things to take into consideration was where to position's Sen's commentary lines during the actual show and where to put his video. Originally Sen's video covered up the bottom subtitles, but I was able to clip it so that it's visible now.

Gokaiger 05 HD version 4 released


Allllright. Think this one is good for sure. Sorry about messing up so many times. Just one of those things where you fix one thing and something else breaks.

DekaRanger torrents now seeded

Looks like the transition is going pretty well. All the seeds that were lost are apparently coming back. No complaints about the renaming so far either.

Guess I'll do this with more files. Kind of makes me want to fix a bunch of headers with the wrong aspect ratio too. Well, one step at a time


It's Judgement Time! DekaRanger Rebatches again but with renamed files

Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission...

So I went ahead and renamed the DekaRanger files. It's actually not that bad on your end, so don't complain :P

First, stop the torrent that you're on.

Use this program to rename the files:

This is a batch of the file names (it's also included in the folder)

Once you install the program, do this:

1. Take the files and drag and drop them into the program.

*Don't accidentally include the text since I think the program needs the exact right number of files to rename

2. Rename->Import or Ctrl+I

Select the appropriate text file

3. Enlarge the program, and make sure both sides match up. If they don't, highlight the ones that are out of place and hit Up or Down on the menu to the right (you can select multiple files with shift or ctrl)

4. When everything's lined up, just hit rename and all the files should be fixed

Now that all the files have been fixed, you can resume the torrent

If that doesn't work, there's always renaming it manually one by one

Forum thread

Artifact of the past

So Crubman found something missing from our archives. Apparently TN did another Deka promo besides the one I knew about before. This one is 320x240 and features different footage from the DVD version I just released (I'm sure it's also on the DVD as well though). I don't really see a need to officially support this, since the DVD version is way better and more accurate. Only download it if you want to be a completionist about stuff TN did:

Thanks Crubman. This was a neat find!

DekaRanger rebatches are loose, go get them!


Mostly rebatches. One new file in this one.

Redid the Promo from the DVD:

You'll need this if you are planning to seed the new torrents. Everything's been moved around and I took out the TV version of episode one since the DVD version is superior in every way

New Sentai Project: Renai Sentai Shitsuranger released



Not really, it's just a music video. Still, if you follow JPOP, I'm sure you'll recognize the names behind this. Also, you might just see a guest appearance by some well-known space police.

Renai Sentai Shitsuranger

Comment on the news post here


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