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Commercial Pack Jan 2019

I know these aren't super popular, but they're usually pretty fun. If you just want a bunch of little videos to amuse you, please check it out!

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New polls! MegaRanger, Cutie Honey, Akazukin, 555


Master Poll

Poll will run for 2ish weeks or until I remember to check it.

Surprised we hadn't done 555 yet. That one should be great.

Oh, and if you made it this far, we've got MegaRanger VS CarRanger in qc now. So Mega's not over yet! Not yet, Snake!

Christmas release: MegaRanger 51

For now, series complete! We restarted this series off DVDs back in May 2007. Wow! Thank you to all the staff who helped work on this show.

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MegaRanger 50 released

Listen to the MegaRanger theme on violin. Released almost exactly a year ago!

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MegaRanger 47 released

I found this page that talks about Sentai actors after the show has ended. It starts with MegaRed, and you can press the arrow key to navigate to the other members

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Mega 46 v2 released

Just a quick note that we release a v2 to fix a grammar issue.

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

Might want to check out the Shenmue kickstarter that's going on. The protagonist Ryo is voiced by Matsukaze Matsuya AKA MegaBlue. (MegaRanger release totally a coincidence)


Thanks to DekaBreak for the tipoff.

MegaRanger 46 released

With not Drive this week, how about a MegaRanger?

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MegaRanger 45 released

Whoops, looks like I messed up the frame rate for this gif. Hope you're not prone to seizures.

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MegaRanger 44 released

Surprise! Another Mega release!

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MegaRanger 43 released

SHT may be on break, but we're still working hard. Enjoy a blast from the past with Mega 43!

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Install! MegaRanger 40 released

Hope your day has been going well! Here's our second release for the day.

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MegaRangers 19-38 batched for your pleasure

Excuse me. MegaRangers and Friends will be right back.

MegaRanger 39 released

One more and we'll break into the 40s! Sweet.

What'll we release tomorrow? Who knows!

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MegaRanger 38 released

In celebration of Matsukaze Masaya (MegaBlue) returning to Sentai as the voice of Endolf in Kyouryuuger, let's release another MegaRanger episode!

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